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might this be converted to a ropewalk?

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I acquired two old pencil sharpeners and while looking them over I suddenly saw a ropewalk conversion project in my future.

Seems all it needs is an addition to the hub end to connect the three lines.

This will not be for some time but thought I'd share the idea and would appreciate any comments.


pencil sharperner photo 1.jpg

pencil sharperner photo 2.jpg

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It probabaly would be easier to build a ropewalk from scratch, rather than modify a pencil sharpener, I think. You need a central axis with a bigger gear (either hand cranked or motorized, and on the periphery of this larger gear you need to mount three (or four) smaller gears which engage the "teeth" of the larger gear. So that everything rotates together and in the same direction when you start spinning this central axis.

I suggest, you pay a visit to a local junk (scrap metal) store where they have bits and pieces of old machinery, and start looking for appropriate gears. This is the most difficult task (to find those gears) because buying them new online may be quite expensive, after that everyting is much easier. It is then just a matter of finding some time to assemble everything.

I built my ropewalk many years ago and it still serves me well.

Here is one pic of this gadget.




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Hi there Mark. Seasons Greetings.

I picked up a box full of these 'things' at a yard sale for the price of a mug of coffee.

They come with 2, 3, and 4 posts. In a range of lovely colours.

The head revolves one way and each of the posts revolve in the opposite direction.

The principals of a simple rope walk are there. Even if these 'things' aren't what we wished we had, at least one could be used to demonstrate how a proper rope walk works. And all it cost would be a dollar or a pound. Or a cup of coffee.

Say hi to Jed.

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