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hello from Reynella south aust

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well found your site quite by accident and browsed it and liked what i saw , this looks like the right place for me as i would like to try my hand at building a boat, ship or a like from a plan however i need advise as a newbie to the hobby with reasonable skills.

i hope you are all friendly and i do apologize in advance for asking silly questions that might already have been covered but could not find due to lack of asking it the wrong way in the search box .

hope to talk with you all soon Richard

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Welcome Richard. This is a great place to learn. I have been building ships for twenty years and my skills have done nothing but multiply from the skills demonstrated on this site. You will get fabulous advice from some of the best in the world and not a prima donna in the group.

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thank you for the warm welcome

just a note so far i have been improving a Hobby king fun cruiser (it was terr able) i believe it was a vantex made boat but must have been a second?

i would like to start with an easy kit as i would like to learn the finer art any suggestions would be welcome .

i will post some pictures of the cruiser soon as i get a grip on the site for you all to see ( it really got my hooked  ) and it was only a re build and paint on and some mods to the detailing .

i was thinking about the billings boat (trawler) from perfect storm ? as next project to do as i like work boats and cruisers .


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