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Hi I'm thinking of either a occre or mantua kit for my net build.I'm currently building the amati adventure and I'm about 3 months off finishing maybe. As i have to buy kits online i would like to know which kits have the best instructions and material. But mostly step by step instructions or close . the amati is pretty good but i feel a little vague. Any suggestions please.


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19 hours ago, Snow said:

I was thinking of.,hms victory/ sanitisma trinidad or the us constitution ,thanks for the advice im in darwin australia any help would be great.

Hi, Show,


I'm newbie and working on my first model, but I did my research about "best kit", even wrote a topic about it and have to say that there is no such thing like "best" :)

If y'are gunning for HMS Victory I'll  recommend you Caldercraft version, but you know - the best model is the finished model :)

A friend of mine bought this kit, yes it's expensive one but it's marvelous!

Excellent quality and very clear/understandable instructions even for a beginner like myself. And the reason that I vouch for Caldercraft version is because of instructions.


If y wondering about the kit I'll advise y to check "build logs" - as many as you can. I'm positive that you will find all answer in logs (works for me) :)

So, if y still choosing y can take a look on Panart - San Felipe. In my opinion is also a good one :)

Happy building :)








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Hello Snow


Chuck is a member of this forum and the National Research Guild. He is also the owner of Syren Ship Model Company, a sponsor of this forum. https://modelshipworld.com/?_fromLogin=1  He sells kits, mini kits, and fittings of very high quality.


As an example he offers a model of the British Revenue Cutter Cheerful. This could be considered a beginners kit or you could just buy the plans and make it a scratch build. He also offers a complete list of fittings and furniture to support this vessel so you can buy as few or as many "Mini kits" as you wish to help complete the ship. By being in the form of mini kits this can spread the cost over the time of the build as not only is buying them an option but you can wait to buy them when it comes time to use them. His instructions of course are top quality, possibly the best offered anywhere.


He is also the designer of the 18th Century Longboat, the USF Confederacy, Brig Syren, and the 21 foot English Pinnace, all sold by Model Shipways. He is also responsible for the eight page kit enhancement practicum for the Sultana kit, also offered by Model Shipways. All of his work involves historically accurate models and is of the highest quality.


Searches here on the forum can provide much more detail than I can offer.


Hope that helps.



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On 16/09/2017 at 1:15 PM, fnkershner said:

Do you care about historical accuracy? If so do not build the San Felipe. This ship did not exist. If it had Spain might have won the war with England. for my money I would build either a kit from Caldercraft or something designed by Chuck. His instructions are the absolute best.


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Is the issue of the existence of San Felipe resolved?  The last that I have read is that there is no solid evidence either way, which would make a model of her questionable in detail.  There is, however, a record of a three-deck ship-of-the-line in Spanish service between 1732 and 1750 named "Real Felipe" that seems to closely approximate the Panart model of San Felipe.  There are no contemporary paintings or drawings of the ship, simply illustrations of the ship made by artists after she was broken up.  The illustrations differ in detail, but general appearance seems consistent.  The model is close.


Therefore, the kit of the Felipe can be said to be a close approximation of the Real Felipe.  The ship history contained in the kit is incorrect, as is the case with so many kits. The ship did not exist in 1690; 1732 seems more probable.


I would build the kit if that is the one that appeals to you.


Bill Morrison

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