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Customer service for a Domanoff Prosak 3.0 ropewalk.


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I purchased a ropewalk direct from Domanoff just before Christmas 2017.  All went smoothly with e-mail communications by return and the device arrived quickly.

I began following the detailed instructions and was soon producing good scale rope.   Early in January, I noticed one of the gear wheels wobbling in its bearing hole in the top perspex plate much more than the other wheels.  On investigation I found that the steel spindle on the wobbling gear had been miscut and a sharp tongue of steel was present along the wheel shaft and had worn a larger hole in the top plastic plate.

I e-mailed Domanoff with this problem on 4th Jan. and having had no reply, again on 8th Jan. On 21st Jan. I e-mailed Domanoff for a third time. At the present date,  5th Feb.

I again have had no reply.

This lack of even an acknowledgement of a quality control problem is in sharp contrast to the rapid communication which took place before my funds were paid into Domanoffs account.

M.S.W. members contemplating a purchase from Domanoff, may be interested in my experiences and make their decision accordingly.

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Really sorry, I didn't get any messages from you since Dec, 12th.

The last was with question about courier name.

Can you please check the email address have you used?


I do understand this looks like I hided from solving problem. Please believe me it's not so. I always help customers with any problems with my machines and doesn't matter what has it caused.


Thanks for Doug Ross who pointed me here as I read forum rarely.


Please contact me by paypal's email, email from site or my personal email from this forum or PM to discuss how to send you replacements.


my apologies for the this,


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I have all three of Alexey"s machines and have had nothing but the best customer service from him

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I also have received nothing but excellent support from Alexey. Glad to see someone brought this post to his attention so that he was able to jump in straight away.


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Hi aec:

Glad you were able to connect with Alexey via your posting here on the forum.  Now that Alexey has connected with you I am confident you'll find him prompt with any needed corrective action.

My experience with purchase of equipment from him has always been very positive.

Best Regards,


Cliff Ward

Cary, North Carolina


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         I am most pleased to let you know that five days after my successful contact with Domanoff, I have received the replacement parts for the ropewalk here in U.K. and am again making good quality rope.

        I accept this as a lightning fast response once my problem was apparent to Domanoff and as consistent with that received by his other customers.




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