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I have run into an issue that has stumped me. I have on hand some old growth mahogany from the late 50's. I have ripped into 2 mm x 5 mm strips for the planking on the wales of my ship. When I try to bend it after soaking for 3 hours it breaks on the hardest bend around the bow. Am building the 1/60 Endeavour. I have ripped it the other way based on grain but still breaks.I know this is much thicker than say .05 mm planking. I am now soaking it for one week to see what happens. My concern is if this works, it may shrink after glue up and cause a later issues with gaps in the planking. What should I do? I am thinking that because of  it's age it has lost it's essential oils and become too brittle. 

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hello :)

i think you should make a jig as the curve of the bow 

then after soaking the plank use  hair dryer and carefully - slowly slowly make the curve against the jig 

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You need heat to loosen the lignin bonds to bend the wood.

Lignin is not affected by water.  The water is to increase the efficiency

of heat transfer into the body of the wood.  A short soak, and just enough heat

- it is not useful to burn the wood or scorch it even. 

A heat gun, a soldering iron (the old commercial bending irons were just a soldering iron

with French curve metal attachment), or of late, we have colleagues  who have done

serious bending using a generic curling iron.

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Old wood is probably pretty brittle and  mahogany isn't known for it's bendability anyway.  What you can do build up what you need is layers by rip[ping it into thin blanks and then shaping and pre-bending each piece (layer). Make a jig to match the bend required for the bending part. Then stack the pieces together for the final bending.   Glue them together and put back on the jig to dry.

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