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Tweezers anyone

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In the beauty supply department, I've also noticed that on eBay, at least, micro-fine paint brushes are a fraction of the cost they ask in the model building catalogs when sold for painting ladies' fingernails. Apparently, those custom-painted manicure jobs that are popular require very small size brushes. The same goes for those very soft bristle brushes used for "weathering" detailing. Seven bucks for the below set on FleaBay:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/15pcs-Acrylic-Nail-Brush-for-Detailing-Striping-Painting-One-Stroke-Liner-3D-Gel/162517019512?epid=12021083820&hash=item25d6c4eb78:g:R1gAAOSwYxBaDEz6:sc:USPSFirstClass!94952!US!-1




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Many hobby-shops, whether real or virtual, just sell products at elevated prices that are available on the global market much cheaper. We are a small fraternity compared to the number of beauty parlors, watchmakers, tool-makers, dentists, dental technicians, surgeons, you name it. Hobby-shops often sell low-end products or 'seconds' at prices for which you might get the real thing at the right source. Browsing some of these 'cheap' shops that sell virtually everything may give you ideas - I pride myself of knowing quite a bit about trades and their tools, but came across things that I never imagined that they existed.


This nail-'art' fashion, while of questionable esthetics, has resulted in a range of interesting tools and materials at interesting prices. Some of the tools and materials are not necessarily new, but the bulk market for them has brought prices down. OK, some of their tools come in rather garish and giriie colours to suit the taste of those nail-'artists' ...


P.S. these brushes look interesting, as they have relatively short hairs/bristles, which is not so easy to find otherwise, even in specialist shops.


P.P.S. about tweezers: I would rather not buy on-line, but check in person, how the points close; it generally pays to buy a good brand, such as Dumont; I don't remember how much I paid for my workhorse-tweezers HiPic size No. 3 in a watchmakers supply shop in Nottingham about 30 years ago, but it is still going strong.

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