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I just joined this past weekend as result of the last printing of Ships In Scale.  A big thank you for the copy of the NRJ that was sent to SIS  subscribers.  I read the accompanying letter and plans of the Journal.  I am glad to see the commitment to beginner modelers.  I may be more intermediate...I don't know the 'qualifications' that define these categories.  However, I am sure I will benefit from associating with this group.  


By profession, I am a technical trainer for an global manufacturer.  But I can see the light at the end of my career tunnel is not an oncoming train.  I plan on retiring (next year) after what will be 47 years in the work force (and for the same company).  As preparation for retirement, I decided one of my hobbies will include building models (along with gardening and 3D CGI art).  So, I have been buying models, building (IMHO) a decent library around things nautical, and learning some new skills.  (I have a few cars, a couple of military models and such in the collection, but my direction will be towards wooden ship models.)


As for my model ship history?  As a young child, my dad and I built various models (car, planes and ships).  My favorite was Revell's USS Missouri - mainly because of the impressive detail (for a 10-year-old) in that model.  I moved the completed model with the family and the model survived until my brother took one of my jet plane models and performed a kamikaze attack.  Another copy of that model is in my closet to be built again because, in part, those memories.  Also, because I toured the ship now berthed at Pearl Harbor.  (She is an impressive lady.)  


I read with interest Chris' cautionary tale to beginners.  Like he points out, 'real life' (RL) got in the way of my hobbies.  As Chris' thread warns, I bit off more than I could chew (attempting a plank on frame of the Golden Hind).  I admitted to my blunder and re-evaluated my direction.  I realized I needed to learn some new skills. To that end, I have managed to complete a 'weekend kit' from Midwest (Dinghy), attended a workshop at the NC Maritime Museum (Beaufort, NC) and built a half hull (lift method - NC Shad Boat - finished and hanging on the wall). I may rephotograph those and post them to the gallery in a few weeks.


RL still curtailed my hobby though and I do have a couple other 'unfinished' models in the closet. But I have a plan and have been working towards getting into building ship models.  I look forward to associating more with the forums (and other hobbies) as retirement approaches.  And in case you didn't gather from this thread, I can be quite verbose.  But I plan to be active, so you may have to learn to get used to long posts from me.  





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