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planning next build


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HI all


I am fairly new to building ships, and I realize I still probably qualify as a beginner but I would like to start advancing  my skills. I am currently in the process of finishing a Union brigante which came with a preshaped solid hull (can be found in build logs). Prior to this I have worked with model cars and one ship in a bottle.


For my next project I am considering a master Korabel Phoenix which comes with laser cut pieces, including the planks, all fit to size, as I would like to try my hand at planking and figured this would be a good intro into it.




Would assembling this kit give me enough experience to eventually try my hand at something more difficult build? Thinking ahead, albeit very far ahead, I have really taken an eye to the Latina Hermione Lafayette, which by judging at the build logs I've seen, probably a considerable challenge even for the experienced builder.




Just looking for a little insight, or if anyone has a better suggestion than the Master Korabel for my next build, I'm open for suggestion...although I'm pretty sold on that kit as of now.



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That is exactly what drove me to them initially, the laser cut and prefabricated parts seem like it would be a fantastic segway into something a little more challenging in the future. More difficult than what I am working on currently, yet not so difficult I'll get frustrated and leave it unfinished.

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I am currently building the Phoenix. It is a great little build and makes a very nice little ship. In my experience with this ship the laser cut parts are very precise with the garboard plank being the only one you really have to shape. One issue you should be aware of is that these laser cut parts are basically veneers. I tried using PVA glue and all the parts got a severe curl and made them impossible to get glued in place. I had to use CA and it worked fine. Attached phot shows progress to date.


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The translation leaves some to be desired. Truth be told I wrote technical documentation for Lightweight Torpedoes for the Navy and bad documentation drives me nuts. BUT the saving grace is the written word is accompanied by a good pictorial. Read, look at pictures, re-read. I found it strange that there were no fighting tops, just crosstrees so I added them.

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