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Caldercraft 1:72 Victory?


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If I remember well the 1/64 kit it made of MDF (keel and bukheads) not sure ,

but if so .... 

it much better to build it from plywood and If the material is not important just build it from plastic 

anyway for my opinion if the keel and bulkheads not made of plywood its not a wooden ship... 

in my country we called to MDF - a cardboard

best regards ,




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3 hours ago, amateur said:

Why not? From a kit-makers perspective, it is the ideal material: it doesn't warp as plywood does, it is easy to handle and it is cheap.



because its not wood ...

also in the future you cant know what can happen to the model due the humidity  temperature act.. 

better to pay a little bit more and to work with wood 

but again its my opinion :) 



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Cant see the difrent between MDF to a cardboard both of them was a wood in the past... 

And that is for sure the MDF sometimes its more stable even from solid wood because it made in mold...
but all this its good until the humidity get contact with this new material then it getting a critical damage ..... and it not worth the time to work few years in a model that will gate a critical damage in the future


Btw in Israel they made a new MDF that is much stronger than the normal one and it didnt past the test of our army ... (and im not talking about guns ... just talking about office desk of the army)



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