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Miniature Tilting Arbor Table Saw

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I own a Byrnes saw and I wouldn't trade it for the world!  A marvelously precise and well designed tool.  My go-to for all cross cutting, ripping , mortising etc.  The only flaw in the saw is the lack of a tilting arbor for angle cuts.  The tilt table accessory is cumbersome and time consuming to set up, and not really amenable to small pieces of stock.  I'm thinking of investing in a dedicated tilting arbor saw for angle cutting.  Recommendations???  Proxxon vs. Micro Mart??  Which model (s)??  Where to purchase - Ebay vs website?

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Give this a try before crossing off the tilting table for the Byrnes saw.  Cut some wedges from 2x4 stock to the angle you want to cut with the saw and the tilting table and put the wedges under the saw so that the tilting table sets level with the bench top.  This in effect tilts the blade to the table making it much easier to use.  The thing becomes much easier to use and safer without having to try to hold the work up on the table with a tendency to fall into the blade.  For the little bit of angled cutting I do this has worked for me - and I sure don't need another saw in the shop.

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It's often easy enough to run a sharp plane down the edge of the piece after it's cut at a right angle and obtain a bevel. (Or, turn the plane upside down in a vise and run the workpiece over the plane blade for even better control of the cut.) I've also used the Byrnes disk sander for beveling. The table tilts for that purpose. You'll pay as much for a tilting arbor saw and will get a lot more use out of the Byrnes sander for other tasks as well. The biggest limitation of a tilting arbor saw for really fine work is that to get a zero clearance on the blade opening, you have to make a custom saw plate for every angle you want to bevel.

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