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Sloup by captgino - FINISHED - Corel - 1:25 - Corel Sloup Coquillier

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Long break. My garage is small and I had to reorganize my larger tools and all my scrap wood.  Here are a few pictures of the progress. Imagine the planer and drill press on the workbench. Impossible to lay out plans and various projects. 20190702_094436.thumb.jpg.446b436438c9460d141ddc03301c4f63.jpg20190604_220227.thumb.jpg.81735953f165dc2dd2189dbdc1d92770.jpg20190702_094455.thumb.jpg.f5113bbd71f994232ae466c71b304b1a.jpg

Now to the ship update. I worked on the keel and double planked it. 





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Continued progress. Worked on ship wall support and Drilled hole for the mast.


Created fake doors. 


Added the mast support. 


Getting it ready for painting. I need to add a few supports and planks and it is priming time. 




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Painting time. I did not capture all steps as I was caught up in the process. 

Primed all the model. Painted Hull black and inside blue.


After doing some research, the first part of the ship was red so I corrected that. 


After it all dried, I sprayed a coat of clear matte to protect the ship. 





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