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new here.

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good day all,

Thanks for accepting me here.

Just some info, retired technical fleet manager so lots of time to pick-up my hobby again.

My first model (ca 20 years ago) to built was <Zwarte Zee> van Smit Rotterdam, was complete with steering (single prop and no truster), used it with my kids in Denmark and was towing a rudder boat with me inside to control the tug.

Now start to built the Failmouth Alpine and just got the "slip-way" where as I will built her on.

During the fases of building I will put some pics here for those who want to follow this project.

Again, thanks for having me here and sure we will enjoy the time building and looking/reading here.

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Just looked in to it and can see that 2 persons already have this boat built? as far I can see they did not finish it? or are still building it. Never mind, I want to be then no 3 with the same building but I will finish it and sail with it also. 

thanks again  for the link and as soon I have my first frame up (using the <slip-way> I will post it there and make the dock/building file.


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Just an update here.

Good job I asked "Premier ships" what happen with my wife's order and just now got the mail stating that this boat is s<sold out> so I asked here to refund and I will buy the boat where they have it in stock!! This will be "Howes Models UK.

Then it will take some days before I will receive it all.

Now just got my "slip" from Billing boats, at last something is there, gives me also more time to organise all like table and tools.

Also I will change this model to 2 x Azimuth Veith VZ 1250 - 70 mm, forget about the stern truster and rudders as those Azimuth can turn 360 degrees.

Also have to modify the keel as can be seen on the picture from a Damen tug with 2 x Azimuth's mounted.

So I will be the first one to built it in this fashion and to be honest, as I look into the keel of this model it is easy to do.

I will upload some pics here so you can image how it will look like. 

azimuth Veth VZ 1250 - 70 mm prop.jpg


keel fairmoth alpine to be modified.jpg

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Gidday Peter and another warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

You certainly have found a fantastic site.

There is wealth of knowledge here and most members freely share there expertise.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask for a solution.

I wish you all the best with your build.


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Mark, thx for the advice but still waiting for the built to arrive by post. 

The one we ordered with did not have it in stock so now did find another one here in the UK that has her.

Already got the slip and can built that together.

But you right, soon I have the tug I will open a built log.

Thx for your patience and will revert in the building site.




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