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safety neting construction

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Congratulations on your first post on model ship world! If I was doing the safety net I’d tie it all together on a jig off the model. I imagine it’s tied on its outboard sides to Bowsprit Shrouds? I’d make all that stuff off the model and glue it on in one piece. Or omit it entirely? After all it’s very small diameter rope. On my models i will often decide not to include some stuff that’s below a certain size/visibility threshold.

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It's not all that difficult to make it on a frame and then attach it to the model. Draw the net, ruling all the cordage with a fine pencil on a sheet of paper.  glue the sheet of paper to a scrap of wood block. Drive nails of tacks ("push pins" are handy for this) into the edges of the block everywhere that a line drawn would extend over the edge of the block. Then take your thread and wrap it over the pins in one direction, and then in the other, so that the line, stretched taut over the nails or tacks, forms squares of the mesh size desired. For fine work, you can simply touch the thread with a bit of shellac, thinned PVA cement, or a dab of clear nail polish (perhaps thinned a bit with acetone) and let it all dry. The net can then be cut from the nails or tacks and attached to the model.  Depending on the scale, you can alternately tie each intersection of the thread squares with a separate piece of fine thread (a surgeon's knot works well for this) to fasten the intersections.

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11 hours ago, Jaager said:

Look in a fabric store   or  at skeeter netting  or look for used woman's  hats from the 40's and 50's  or old style hair nets.

In a fabric store or Amazon, you are looking for " tulle " or millinery netting.


It would probably require an inspection to check the size of the weave..


Too bad it is sold by the yard, when the need is only a few square inches..


A place like JoAnn's  might give you a small free sample, which might be all you need..

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Hi Tom,

I had to make some safety netting for my Morgan. I tried finding tulle in a fabric store, but the only stuff I could find was much too fine, so I resorted to making it. I essentially did what Bob suggest above -


It was a little like tying ratlines, only the resulting squares needed to be diamond shape, so I made two rows of nails and strung lines between them so that they were a little bit like shrouds, only they ran parallel. I then ran two lines on an angle across them, which represented the outer edges of the shape I ultimately needed.



Then I added "ratlines" securing them to the vertical "shrouds" and ending them at diagonal lines which defined the shape of the finished piece.



I glued the knots and then cut out the piece.





Admittedly, this is a much simpler shape than the safety netting on POB II, but perhaps the same technique might be made to work. The size of the "diamonds" can be adjusted to whatever is called for. These ones are fairly large, but they're exactly what the plans indicated.


My next project is the POB II and I'm hoping I can make it work. I'm certainly going to try it at least. Just a thought.


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