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Hello, glad to be here !

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Hello everyone, 


I'm glad to be on that forum that seems very energetic. 


I'm living in Canada, province of Quebec, I'm 44 (but feeling like 24 !! lol!) and I am enthusiastic of ship modeling since three years.  I've been through a lot of setbacks (I've written something in the topic "For beginners - A Cautionary Tale" where I explain everything) but I am stubborn and I want my boat and will have it, no matter the cost : time, wood...  Blood sweat and tears would have add Sir Winston Churchill ! lol! 


I have a lot of passion but History is my greatest.  There is five years ago, I've read a book about Titanic and decided to translate all the Wreck Commissionner's Inquiry (the British one) which will be published freely with several ebooks with topics (for instance, one book for the officers ; one for Stewards ; one for Deckhands ; one for engineers ; etc.).  In each of these volumes, readers will be able to have the history and technic informations in the first part, and the translation from English to French will be in the second part.  That's makes me do a lot of researches, gave me the idea of wanting to build the Titanic.  But that was a project too big for someone who knows nothing of ship modeling and have no experience.  So I decided to try the Titanic's lifeboat with the bread-and-butter solid hull technic, but I've missed two of them.  Then I've seen a Gabare in the Plans of Admiral Pâris and told myself that I could manage it.  But I still missed another solid hull.  There is 1 year and a half I've bought a monography named "Longboat armed 1834" from Gérard Delacroix and in spite of the fact that I've missed another solid hull, it helps me a lot to learn how to build a boat from scratch (how the keelson, ribs, floor fits together).  


Last Spring I've found something much more easier on the web site of the Library of Congress : a little Sloop named "Kathleen" build in 1905 in San Francisco which the plans have been made in 2010 in CAD.  This time I build it not with a solid hull but starting with ribs, hull upside down on to a board, and it goes so well since.  Sure I get sometimes discouraged, but I want my boat and I will have my boat against all odds !  I promise !  :-)


Before finishing this message, as you may notice, my first language is not English, but French, so there could be some mistakes in my posts : I'm asking you your indulgence, please, and I'd be glad to learn from you.  And if it happen that you finally find information you have been searching for long time but realized that it is in French, please don't hesitate to ask me : I'll be glad to translate it for you or to tell you what it is all about.


Thanks to have add me in this forum, and glad to be with you ! :-) 


Here is some pictures of the "Kathleen" https://www.loc.gov/item/ca3967/




Kathleen et sa cloison d'abordage.JPG

Le KATHLEEN - symétrie 2 pas ok1.tif Le KATHLEEN - symétrie 2 pas ok1.tif

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Hello, Kareen.  

Welcome to MSW.  Now that you've started your first ship, I suggest you open a build log on her.  Since Kathleen is a scratch build, put in the Scratch area.  A build log will help you with questions and problems as those seeing it usually have solutions.

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On 10/28/2019 at 5:57 PM, lili.marlene3945 said:

Thank you all, your warm welcome are appreciated.  Very nice your car, Duanelaker.  I just love car like this !  V8 DHC Motor 5,5 L, I suppose ??  (I know, I'm off topic.  Moderators, don't shoot me ! lol! ) :o 

It is a 72 Chevelle Malibu, 5.7L , 5-speed...thanks for noticing!

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