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My 1/6th scale Normandy, 1944 Canadian officer figure.

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Lieutenant Bradley Pitt is with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles of Canada, serving with the 3rd Canadian Division in Northern France, in late July, 1944:


It's a 50/50 mishmash of purchased commercial gear and scratch built components.



49143704798_d0f39f6d5c_b.jpg0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr


49144200421_9aef0ffe1f_b.jpg0-2 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr



49143963986_e21af3502d_h.jpg0-3 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr


49143960586_643bea0676_b.jpg0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr


49143967591_93793fadf9_h.jpg0-6 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr


49144047816_c10ad2d913_h.jpg0-5 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr


His full story can be seen here on the Sixth Division Board, a site devoted to WWII in 1/6th scale. Alone and afraid, he must fight for his very survival! His harrowing vignette is here:



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Lt./Captain Bradley Pitt has a strong family resemblance to Tom Selleck in my opinion.



Build logs: Colonial sloop Providence 1/48th scale kit bashed from AL Independence

Currant builds:

Constructo Brigantine Sentinel (Union) (On hold)

Minicraft 1/350 Titanic (For the Admiral)

1/350 Heavy Cruiser USS Houston (Resin)

Currant research/scratchbuild:

Schooner USS Lanikai/Hermes

Non ship build log:

1/35th UH-1H Huey


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A versatile figure indeed judging from the different poses, nice work.



Current builds  Bristol Pilot Cutter 1:8;      Skipjack 19 foot Launch 1:8;       Herreshoff Buzzards Bay 14 1:8

Other projects  Pilot Cutter 1:500 ;   Maria, 1:2  Now just a memory    

Future model Gill Smith Catboat Pauline 1:8

Finished projects  A Bassett Lowke steamship Albertic 1:100  


Anything you can imagine is possible, when you put your mind to it.

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current build- Swan ,scratch

on shelf,Rattlesnake, Alert semi scratch,Le Coureur,, Fubbs scratch

completed: nostrum mare,victory(Corel), san felipe, sovereign of the seas, sicilian  cargo boat ,royal yacht caroline, armed pinnace, charles morgan whaler, galilee boat, wappen von hamburg, la reale (Dusek), amerigo vespucci, oneida (semi scratch) diane, great harry-elizabethan galleon (semi scratch), agammemnon, hanna (scratch).19th cent. shipyard diorama (Constructo), picket boat, victory bow section

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