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4" Table Saw Blades

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I'm wondering where I can purchase 4" table saw blades in Canada, or more specifically in Ontario.  I won't need any soon but have been doing some research.  The normal box stores don't stock them and I've tried a few specialty woodworking stores websites.  It's for the Byrnes saw and although he sells good blades with his saw I figured now is time to save a buck or two and try to find something locally.


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Newman Tools Inc has an office in Ottawa.  They used to be an interface for Thurston.   Thurston is no more.  Madco is an alternative.  Perhaps, THE alternative in this hemisphere.

Perhaps communicating with Newman would provide you with information about what resources are available.

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I believe the jeweler's slotting saw blades are available from an outfit called "MALCO." (Not "Madco," which is an easy mistake to make. I first looked for "Matco," which is another tool company.


Jim Byrnes carries arbor bushings which can be slid over the arbor too accommodate larger arbor holes. Sometimes it's hard to find a blade with the right sized arbor hole. 


If it matters, from what I've seen, Jim Byrnes' blades are priced the same as anywhere else. He's not marking them up significantly. You may save some in shipping, but they are shipped in an envelope like a letter, so it can't be much.

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    MALCO.  Cranston, Rhode Island




    Based on Jim's recommendations, I used to get my replacement blades from THURSTON.  When they went out of business, somebody recommended MALCO...I believe it was this forum.  I see relacement for slitting saw blades, which I use 90% of the time, but not a comparable larger carbide blade.  I use thatso seldom, I don't forsee a need for replacement.

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I have Thurston Blades but for several years now I have used these Chinese slitting saw blades. They work fine and are cheap enough to throw away when blunt. I have to say however that I can rip a lot of planks without them becoming dull. They are on the Amazon UK web site and hopefully will also be available in Canada. They need a 12.7mm - 22mm arbour. A reasonable range of thicknesses and teeth numbers are available.944360102_Screenshot2019-12-30at22_02_05.thumb.png.ea58421898554d6d79b5d31558928bc2.png





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