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La Niña by CRI-CRI - scale 1/48 - ship of Cristoforo Colombo - 1492 - FINISHED

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The centre of effort should be as close to the centre of resistance (i.e. resistance by the water to the movement of the vessel) as possible. it will depend on the rig and on the shape of the boat - obviously the "sharp end" presents less resistance to the water than the "blunt end" - but it usually means the mast should be as close to the centre of the boat as you can make it.


Is the boat to be lateen rigged? If the mast lines up with the centre of the yard, there'll be more force acting on the back of the sail than on the front, because it's a triangle with the small end at the front. That's why the mast on lateeners is often a little forward of centre, and also why the mast often leans forward. See



(such a beautiful sail!) and  to see a small lateener being rigged: - 




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