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La Niña by CRI-CRI - scale 1/48 - ship of Cristoforo Colombo - 1492 - FINISHED

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Thanks, Dan,


It was my first idea, no mast...


Someone said to me that it had no rear chamber, but I can also add such a disposition, and reduce to three the number of thole-pins each side


I have any book about the Niña  by Pastor, I used just a summary HTML copy of hull's frames for my built, with several great errors I tried to fix

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By scratching a little, you can refine the angles of the transom. But you have an extra lap bench. If it's too late, too bad!


(En grattant un peu, tu peux affiner les angles du tableau arrière. Mais tu as un banc de nage en trop. Si c'est trop tard tant pis! )

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I found the latin rigging much more difficult than the classical squared  rigging, it looks easy, but it isn't...


About the classification of  my built, sorry, am I also right : it's a scratch built, not a kit, and more, without verifiable historic

source, following an original method, starting from logical reasoning to compensate for the lack of reliable documentation 


I hope that you will,nt be disappointed... 😘

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Its the amount of rigging that appeals to me. I am building Pinta, scale 1/96 from Shipyard, paper model. It has a little bit more rigging, but still less than USS lexington. Thats why i will finish it sooner.

regarding category, year of built puts it in build logs for vessels built prior to 1501. You put it in 1501 and over. Its only slight oversight which does not bother me that much. Only some people searching for logs according to year of building wont find it.

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