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Proxxon DB250 mini wood lathe has arrived...

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So, the Proxxon mini lathe has arrived...  here's my 5am test first impression:


Unit is compact, but the feedthrough will definitely help with masts and larger spars


Tested it with a 6mm diameter dowel, which will be a small mast; will be reduced to 5mm at bottom of mast and at the top turned down to to 2.5mm diameter.  Use the 3-Jax chuck, with the live tailstock (which spins very nicely).


Cutting performed with the Proxxon turning tool set, whih performed nicely.  My only REAL gripe, however, is the tool rest surface... short, and badly finished, as the tools tend to snag/catch.  Will remove from the bed, and polish the same as best as possible.  Maybe have a machineshop prepare me a stainless steel unit, wider?  That way larger tool passes can be performed.


Sanding was a breeze as well with this unit.  Alignment as very nice between chick centyer and tailstock.


All in all, very satified with the purchase, while the savings go for the Sherline later down the road!


A couple of pics follows, so any questions you might have, please feel free to ask!





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I started with this lathe years ago on my first build.  I really enjoyed it.  Ended up selling to upgrade to a Sherline, but it's a great mini lathe for small wood turning.  Worked a treat when it came to sanding taper into masts.



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Got mine also few weeks ago and im supper impressed with it. It reduces the time for masts and yards, also boosts my quality on them. I dis not use knives for shaping but instead sanding sticks that worked better for me.

Only issue is that 4mm piece does not really suit if its too long as it starts to vibrate. Here comes handy that you can put it trough the main socket and partially shape the wood.

I recomend.

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I got the same lathe a few weeks ago.


Very compact and good for what it is. Agreed, the live centre is very good. A little slop in the tailstock, and my tool rest also had a very rough finish....but a bit of filing and fine emery cloth soon polished it up.


All the best,




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I just recently bought a Proxxon DB250 and can see the issue with the short tool rest. Nor do I see a simple fix. But for the price I think I can work around it.

I could probably solve this problem by buying a Sherline for over a $1000.00 dollars. 

I'll keep cost benefit in mind.

Enjoy your new lathe, I am sure I will enjoy mine. 


"Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away" by Robert Fulghum

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