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New podcast about Nelson and Maritime Britain during the Trafalgar period.

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This is bound to be of an interest to many out there.


It has no connection to myself.


This guy is looking to ultimately produce a mini series on the life of Nelson and Lady Hamilton.


From the 1st May he is starting a pod cast with special interest to maritime Britain during this period. He has a taster podcast out currently explaining things better than I can.


You can find the links via his website below.


Sounds interesting



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Posted (edited)

Thank you Noel, very happy you found and posted this.  Looks like they have actor Hugh Bonneville involved.   He was fantastic in Downtown Abby, one of the best TV series ever produced!!!!   If this project is half as good, it should be a hit!

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Posted (edited)

Hi Allan


Yes it is quite a coup, the project is certainly gathering a bit of momentum now for the mini seriesI


I am looking forward to the podcasts, there are some interesting topics proposed judging by the intro


Best Regards

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Further to the above, I emailed back and forth with Adam Preston who is leading the project.  He wrote the following:  

Dear Allan 

Thank you for getting in touch - and for your offer to help with the project ‘Trafalgar’. My current target is to get 10,000 sign ups at www.trafalgar.tv because that is the kind of number that will get broadcast executives sitting upright. I am now at 1050 so I have a way to go. 
To help spread the word I have created a podcast which I launched on the weekend. You can subscribe here https://shows.acast.com/trafalgar-squared please share this with anyone you know who is interested in this subject area. The podcast has already had 500 downloads from all over the world (as many in North America as the UK)
I am interested in the documents you mention Allan - I am a great devourer of this kind of stuff - do you have them as a PDF or something that can be mailed? 
I am hoping to one day do a podcast episode about the world of model ship making and am slowly gathering info on that. Am I right in thinking this is an area of expertise for you? 
With best wishes
Any ideas on how we can the word out to our 40,000 members to reach out to Adam and the project?
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Michael, With 40K members here at MSW, we can make the TV series happen by joining the Trafalgar Squared group and giving Adam ammunition to get the producers to invest in this series.   


I would LOVE to see this turn into a high quality television series and hopefully Hugh Bonneville (anyone that watched Downton Abbey will know him) will play a major role as he is apparently on board with this project.

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