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L'Orenoque by Mamoli

Tom in NC

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Does anyone have experience with the Mamoli L'Orenoque kit that's being advertised in Model Expo's latest catalogue.  I'm curious to know if this is a "new" kit with "new" quality componentry and well-written instructions.  In some forums I've read that prior to the Mamoli Company burning down several years ago, and before a fellow named Dusek bought the rights and started to rebuild the company and its product line, that Mamoli models were not so hot.  Most criticisms seem to center around vague and poorly translated instructions.  My best experiences have been with Mantua and Model Shipways products, and I hope someone can advise me that Mamoli's current models are on a par with those builders.  Any comments will be appreciated.


Tom in NC

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Danial Dusek and his company are sponsors here.  From what he's posted, he's redoing many of the Mamoi kits and improving them.  You might do a search here on MSW for the kits and also contact him directly as he could let you know the status of this kis.

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Thanks for your response.  I'll try to contact Daniel to get further information.  Just not familiar with Mamoli models and what they are like today.  Call it due diligence. Hopefully the L'Orenoque is a newly produced kit and not something from the old Mamoli inventory.  Have a great New Year.



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I have built several previous to burning down Mamoli models from the Constitution, L'Orenoque and others and heard the same complaints as you have back in the day. But I didn't find any foundation to those complaints. Yes, the english translation at certain points were lacking, BUT, with this said, these particular two models are either Advanced level or intermediate level builds and before tackling such ambitious kits, you should have experience under your belt of lesser ambitious kit. If you do, then these little annoyances will not hender you in the least. These are quality kits so don't worry, the L'O building into a real beautiful model. Then side paddle wheels were fantastic. 

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On 12/29/2021 at 4:05 PM, Tom in NC said:

Most criticisms seem to center around vague and poorly translated instructions.

Mamoli, like most European ( besides UK ) did and still does leave a lot to be desired in the 'instruction' department.


The new kits are no improvement in that regard. The Mamoli kits never included an instruction book.  They had several large, very nicely drawn plan sheets , with multilanguage 'instructions' printed on the sheets.

Little more than a drawing of what the pieces of wood should look like when you got through with it.

The builder should have other references and a little experience with basic POB wood kit building, before starting a Mamoli kit.

MSW will be a lot of help in that regard.


I have always liked Mamoli kits, in that I lean toward  an art piece, with lots of bare wood, rather than a historic ship model.

However, I have seen some very nice builds of the Mamoli Victory, Royal Louis and Friesland among others.


Contrary to the advice I give you, my first wood kit was the Mamoli Rattlesnake over 25 years ago. 

No internet, but a lot of help from Seaways Ships in Scale Magazine, mostly with regard to what books to buy..



Not quite finished in this picture, but not bad for a first kit.  I framed the main plan, and it hangs in my workshop..

I also have a Mamoli Gretel and Mary in the Gallery.




Now a little more about the new Dusek release of the Mamoli kits.

I started a build log of the new Dusek Gretel:


 I noted some of the enhancements Dusek has made.  Most notably, addition of some PE fittings, and laser cut frame and bulkheads..

Dusek has added separate laser cut stem, keel and stern post, whereas Mamoli used to have you create those parts by applying veneer to the one piece backbone.   I hope to find time to work more on that little boat.  It is a lot of fun.


If there is one thing I found I don't like about the new Dusek release, are the plans.




They have taken the large, heavy stock, plans and copied them to several smaller sheets (outlined in red )..  Just not as nice as the big sheets.


There is one large ' full size ' but it is not to scale, which was a useful feature on the old plans..


All in all, if you like the subject matter, and are prepared to figure a lot out on your own, I think Mamoli kits can be worth while..

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I built this model while ago. Not sure whether it was before mamoli was taken over or not. The only criticism I had was the stantions of which there are a lot were made from a flat sheet of brass which was horrible. I bought replacements for these and was very glad I did. It would have looked dreadful otherwise.




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