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Belt/disc sander questions

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Hi everyone


I'm in the market for a hobby sander, but I am debating between two units. If any of you have this disk/belt sander, or the Proxxon I would appreciate your opinions. Thanks in advance for any advice.


The Allwin is only $80.00 (USD) and is a combo belt/disc sander from Micromark. But at $80.00 maybe too cheap quality wise?






The Proxxon  37060 Disc Sander TG 125/E is only a disc sander but weighs in at $230.00




I have two Proxxon tools and like them both.


Thanks in advance for any advice.






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I have had the Allwin for about a year. Not used the belt sander much and the disk if okay for what it is. If possible I would recommend saving up for a better grade sander.

The Allwin will be okay till I can save up enough for the Byrnes disc sander....just my opinion

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Thanks Gentlemen,


I am still sort of debating. The Byrnes I looked at but, I find it to be much to pricy for me. Proxxon gets consistently good reviews. I'll prob. get that one and give up on the belt option.


I did searches at Lowes and HD.com and find that their offerings are either too big or mirror the Allwin for a bit more money.

Also, I imagine that, if a part fails it would be easy to order parts for the Proxxon.


Again, thanks for your opinions and help much appreciated.



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I had the sander from Micromark, and my biggest complaint was that the table for the disk sander would not stay square to the disk. I upgraded to the Byrnes sander and wish I had originally bought it - would have saved some money. Like all his tools it's very precise, which is very important at smaller scales.



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3 important things to look for:


A big motor to resist the pressure so that the motor does not stop

A 90 degrees angle even when applying strength while sanding meaning a strong table  so that there is no distorsion

A disk sander will leave ¼ round  prints on the wood while a belt sander  which is used in the same direction as the wood grain  will leave no marks

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I have the sander/beltsander from MicroMark and am satisfied with it. I've used it to build more than 25 Ho train turnouts.I use it primarily to grind down the nickel silver rails.I'm still on the original belt. The dust is minimal if you use the grinder with a vaccum cleaner. I have a cheap little shop vac set up with a switch that turns on the vac when you fire up the grinder. The vac runs for a few seconds after you turn off the grinder then shuts down automatically. I got the the fancy switch at Woodcraft. Bill in Idaho

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