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Niagara by Bahamas Diver - Model Shipways

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I will be attempting to re-construct this log over the next few weeks.



The US Brig Niagara or the Flagship Niagara[a], is a wooden-hulled brig that served as the relief flagship for Oliver Hazard Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. It is one of last remaining ships from the War of 1812. TheNiagara is usually docked behind the Erie Maritime Museum in downtown Erie in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania as an outdoor exhibit for the museum, but travels the Great Lakes during the summer, serving as an ambassador of Pennsylvania when not docked. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and was designated the official state ship of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1988.

The Niagara was constructed from 1812 to 1813 to protect the vulnerable American coastline on Lake Erie from the British and played a pivotal role in the battle for the lake. Along with most of warships that served in the war, the Niagara was sunk for preservation on Presque Isle in 1820. Raised in 1913, it was rebuilt for the centennial of the Battle of Lake Erie. After deteriorating, restoration of the Niagara was started again in the 1930s, but was hampered by the lack of funds caused by the Great Depression and remained uncompleted until 1963. A more extensive restoration was carried out in 1988 in which much of the original ship was largely destroyed. The incorporation of new materials and modern equipment makes it ambiguous as to whether it is or is not a replica


A picture of me (in the middle) while working as a volunteer sailor on the Niagara, with the decedents of Oliver Hazard Perry.





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the hull was time consuming but fun.  The difficulty of this model is that it is single planked.  This means the the ends of each plank must be attached to a bulkhead, making the staggering of the planks bit more difficult.  On the other hand, because the hull gets painted some errors in planking can be covered up with paint.  


After the hull was planked I filled in any gaps by laying a thin line of white glue in the gap and then sanding over the area.  This let the sawdust from the sanding attach to the white glue and fill the gap.






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Looks like a great start, and progress. I have the kit, but I am currently about half way through the Lauck Street Fair American. I figure I will be on to the Niagra by July, so I would love to hear about any 'gotcha' errors you found in the kit or instructions. I have never done single plank on hull yet, and that is the part I am the most nervous about.

Did you have any problems with wood quality? Sometimes I find the MS quality is a bit lacking, especially in planking wood. I'm debating replacing all the kit's mahogeny for planking with wood from Hobby Mill.

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Hi Steve,  I know I had a number of gotcha's but I am having trouble remembering many of them.  As for the wood quality, I had no troubles with it.  There is no   mahogany as I recall.  Since nearly everything is painted (thee is not much that is stained or left "bright" it is not necessary to buy other woods.  If however, you are not going to paint your model, then getting better quality woods would be a wise idea.  When you start your Niagara Build Log, I'll follow it.  If i think of things as you progress I promise to comment on them (esp. the gotcha's)

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