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HM Bomb Vessel Granado by Craigie65 - Caldercraft 1:64 1756

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Been meaning to do this for ages :piratebo5:


Kit was a family birthday present and arrived late July minus the bulkheads but with 2 keels.   :( a quick email exchange and a call or 2 to JoTiKa and they arrived in August.




My first kit was HMS President by Sergal - I could not believe the difference in quality B)


Here is the first of my pictures -playing hockey today so will post some more later today or on Sunday



First planking done, gun port patterns and the wale.



Bow with water line marked. The blue thing is a wine cooler that I use to soak my wood. Unfortunately I dropped it when emptying it - so new wine cooler on the shopping list for Christmas.




And to complete the set the stern



While I was waiting on glue drying i had pressed ahead with the mortar housings. These were great fun and little kits in their own right. These pics don't show the ring bolts very well but I experimented making my own by winding wire around an PE tool that i have.  At this scale there was not much difference in quality so for the sake of saving some time I used the method in the instruction. Also I had read of the mixed results members have had with chemical blackening - so I decided primer and pain was the way to go.  



Admittedly the ring bolts need a touch up here and there but I am happy.




And the last one for now all the components that make up each housing





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Okay part two - During Strictly  B)


Start of the second planking. I wanted to try to use some of the techniques that I picked up on the forum. Some success but I struggle to vision the layout of all the planks and drop planks.  I think I was trying to look too far ahead: but I have a better picture in my head for the next build  - whatever that may be?




And that is the first planking below the wale




After this shot I used a bit of dark filler and after a sand down it looks okay - to be honest it will disappear under a coat of white paint.




And the inner gunport patterns and planking above the wale all done.  I have lined the ports without lids and will be lining the ports with lids shortly.  The sweep ports need a bit of work to get the right size.





Of course I could not resist to see how the forecastle would look  :o


The camber does not look right at all so a bit of sanding is needed - later!






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Thanks Joe for the kind comments


Just doing the spirketting just now. Busy 5 weeks coming up at work including a fair bit of time away from home. So output is going to slow down for a bit. Thank goodness for a winter break in my sport which means I might get Saturday back, unless the Admiral mentions those dreaded words - "Christmas shopping" ;)

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Disaster for Scotland!


Dropped my ship down the stairs :(


I was taking it to the utility room to clean it with white spirit after a sanding session on the sheer rail, when butter fingers let it slip at the head of the stairs. It landed on the stem then stern before sliding down the remaining stairs on the keel. Damage: part of the stem snapped off and two stern supports broken. Luckily not much else damaged. So a bit of glue and care and actually she is not in bad shape.

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Well that's Christmas and New Year over with. :cheers:


My build was interupted by 5 weeks in London but I have managed to get some modelling done over the festive period.


I swithered whether to paint the hull below the waterline as I was really happy with the second planking. In the end the paint won over. However the first blast of the airbrush highlighted all the imperfections that the Mark 1 eyyeball did not. SO it was stripped back, filled, sanded and re sprayed. Not perfect but I am happy with it.





Progress with the quarterdeck and bulkhead. I am no artist so stuck to out of the box.

I have never used such weird decals in my life. Having to paint the rear was, well weird! Some decent water slide decals would be better as there are plenty of great products to avoid silvering.


The pencil techique was used for the caulking and it looks good.





The forecastle is next and decided to add two cannon. Not overly happy with the tackle - especially the one to the rear of the truck. If the gun was hauled in it would not be fully inboard. However if I move the ring back it will foul the belfry and windlass assembly. Half of me says it wont really be seen when the deck is attached - but i know it is there. Any suggestions?





Finally just a few other pictures




No modelling this weekend as off to the firm's ball!


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I would suggest that the blocks are a tad overscale. If they were smaller, there would be more space between them to allow the gun to be hauled in completely when required. Not certain though. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in soon.


Mmm I'll check the kit again but these were the smallest in the box 2.5mm


rather embarrassingly I have just found the smaller blocks that had fallen out of the bubble wrap bag into the box. Time to cut out the offending items


Thanks Daniel

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Your work looks great so far. As for your blocks, I might suggest trying Chuck's. They are so much more refined than the kit supplied, and they'll go a long way to improving the overall look. I've done the same for my Pegasus build (not for my canons unfortunately, not available at the time).



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Your progress is visible. Are you going to blacken/darken the cannons?

Thank you

I think you are referring to one of the earlier posts that showed the mortar unpainted. I have now painted the mortars and the cannon. I did think about using chemical blackening but this seems to be a hit or miss, so I stuck to spaying them instead.

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Hi Craig, I have been looking at your build with great interest and it's looking really good.  I am building the same kit myself and have been having a few dilemas with the first planking around the bow area.  Like you I have tried to use the 'thinning' techniques, drop planks etc but I think a problem with my kit is that the 2 filler blocks at the bow (the ones than go on the keel ahead and behind bulkhead no. 1) don't allow the planks at the lower part of the bow to lie on no 1 bulkhead.  Maybe I have not sanded the filler blocks back enough..?  Did you have similar problems with your build....the photos you ahve posted look as though it went OK for you.





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Looking good Craig. That white on the hull always shows up everything but you'll never regret the extra time spent filling it.

Those blocks do look large. What size are they? I can't recall what size I used but they looked smaller than that. As you say it would be impossible to run the guns in all the way but it's not that noticeable once the foc'sle is on and belfry/windlass installed.


Mick, without seeing pics it sounds like parts of the filler blocks need to be sanded back.

Did you sand the bulkheads to fair them to the curve of the hull so the planks run smoothly across them and contact fully across the surface of the bulkhead?

By the time you get near the bow quite a bit of material needs to come off the forward edge of the bulkheads to get a smooth run. There's some good basic tutorials on the site, or start a build log as that's the best way to get advice from the knowledgeable and supportive folk on MSW.

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Mick thanks. As Timmo has suggested quite a bit of sanding was required to get the shape right at the bow. When I test fitted the planks close to the keel I decided to take even more off those filler blocks to make the lines smooth.


Timmo thanks for the kind words. At the time I could have cursed the paint to NZ and back. However looking at the hull now I am so glad I stripped it back.

As for the blocks I found the smaller ones hiding at the bottom of the box - how foolish did I feel! The packet they were in had fallen out of the bubble wrap bag :( I have removed the wrong ones and refitted the right ones. Looks much better. I will try and post some pictures over the weekend.

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Thanks Craig and Timmo for the feedback, great to get advice from you both as you have got past the stage I am at with the Granado.  I have faired the bulkheads quite a lot to match the run of the planks from one to another but taking on board what you have both said I think the problem is with the filler pieces....I assumed they were correct from the plans but I think  they should have been  faired themselves a lot more than I have....particularly lower down.  Anyway enough of my problems this is Craig's build log...!!...apologies if I have put the questions in the wrong area...!!


Glad you have solved the dilemma of the oversize blocks Craig....you must be relieved..!!  Look forward to more pictures on both build logs.


Thanks again.



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Managed to find time to post an update


I have re done the blocks of the two cannon under the forecastle








Thanks to all who helped me get this right


The forecastle deck has been added and planking has been completed and the combing for the galley chimney added. I like Timmo's additions to the chimney and plan to do the same. The bow sprit opening could have been better. I do wonder if this would have been caulked to make it a little more watertight - any input would be welcome.




Chimney and capping rail next

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Always room for more sanding. Did you fit the foaming with the chimney in place? It'll help get a nice fit.

Yes I tacked the chimney in place and measured the coaming around it. I have taken it off as I want to modify it with a screen for the front

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