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  1. Hi Pete. For me it's always very interesting following the origination process of a modern sailing boat. To quote our colleague Wacko Wolf: Keep the pictures coming.
  2. Hi Mark, i am just following the instructions. On the other hand the second planking hides the use of filler...
  3. Thanks Nils. The boats are part of the kit and looking very much better than the plastic boats supplied with some kits.
  4. A minor update on the pinnace. After sanding and filling the boat is now prepared for the second planking. Here and there the planking may be thin like a human hair.
  5. Thank you very much for the nice comments. Only a small update on the ship‘s boats for today. The boats are not finished yet. So here we have the longboat: The cutter: And at last the two boats together:
  6. Hi Brian. I think, you did a very nice job. The hull looks great and also the deck furniture is well executed. You don't have to hide your model later!
  7. Well, the long break is over now and I‘m glad you are still interested. I think, this build log deals with the brig Mercury... So thank you very much for your kind comments, Pete, Jeff, Henry, Robert, B.E. and Nils. Believe me, you can‘t measure enough! And here you see the mistake I made last year: The gunports are completely on the wrong position. Note: Never trust a gunport pattern, read the plan instead! But I think, I can correct this problem quite easy. Anyway, back into the drawer with the hull for the next days. The ship‘s boats are next: This may take a few weeks... but I‘m confident.
  8. Glad, your upload problems are solved now. Really nice shot of a well executed model. Cheers, Richard
  9. Very nice model. If you have problems uploading more than two pictures you should ask a moderator for help.
  10. Ken In my opinion it's not necessary because there is no laser burn left after tapering.
  11. Hi Tony To answer your question: I think, you get a better result when you taper the frames after glueing them into place.
  12. Very very nice! I am a big fan of your Creole and this is a piece of artwork of its own.
  13. Very good start Dave. The slot for the channels is really interesting - i've never seen this before. I look forward to following with big interest.
  14. The good old Norden! I like this ship and you did a good job. Cheers, Richard.
  15. Very well done Uinsin. Cheers, Richard.
  16. I agree with Nils. Cool trawler and very well executed. Is this RC or Static Display? Cheers, Richard.
  17. Nice of you to ask Pete! Don't worry, I'm fine. It's just...well, sometimes I need a break.
  18. Hi guys Thanks for your big interest and the nice comments. I promise I'll go on with my Endeavour, but this will take some time. In fact I'm not in the mood for modelling at the moment... So please be patient with me.
  19. Very well done Mike. Especially I like the presentation with sails. Cheers Richard
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