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What is the best glue for cast metal parts?

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I am building a model of an 18th century navel gun by Model Shipways. The model has gun carriage of cast metal and the glue I tried to use did not work very well on metal to metal application.  Does anyone have good advice for me. Any help on what type of glue to use would be much appreciated.

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I also used something like Soudal Fix All, or even better Pattex 100% (solvent free).

This is a one-component glue that fixes everything and is very flexible. But just like the expoxy glue, it can become a mess applying it.

I only use CA when there is no gap at all between the parts.

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On a photo the template from aluminum for production of a framework of gun ports is shown 


Motionless details of a template are stuck together among themselves CA (capacity with CA is visible on a background). The template sustained production of several tens framework and further is suitable for use.


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A problem that often arises with cast metal adhesion is that the parts are coated with wax-like substances that are used as release agents from the mould. This presents problems with any adhesive. I suggest that the parts are soaked briefly in acetone and scrubbed lightly to remove these first and then allow them to dry before mounting. I prefer to use thickened CA over epoxy.



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Thanks to all my fellow ship modelers who have givien me good advice on this topic. I sanded the part just enough to give a flat surface, then cleaned with laquer thinner, and after the part wast completely dry I used CA adhesive and it work Well.


Thank You ALL :)



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One more thing to remember, just like you experienced yourself just now:


Castings of metal always have a release coating to have the parts come off the mold. Hence, this coating is not all that kind to accepting glue. Be sure to remove the coating. Usually a scrubbing with some soapy water and a brush will do it. If not, use some steel wool.
Use any of the glues mentioned, but I still like epoxy for strength and CA for convenience.

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Canopy cement


I was at a train show today and a gentleman recommended "canopy cement". He said you could glue glass to metal if you wanted to. Said canopies stay glued to aircraft even during crashes. Also suggested putting a little glue on each surface and allow to get tacky before putting pieces together, like contact cement. Also said a little glue is too much. needs to cure 24 hours. Also, you can use it to make small window. Comes out white and dries clear. will work on wood.



I think I will give it a try.

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