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Folke by ccoyle - FINISHED - Paper Shipwright - CARD

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I built this model in the spring of 2011.  Folke was one of a small class of monitors built for the Swedish navy.  Alone among her sisters, she carried her main gun facing aft, the idea being that she could cover a flotilla in the event of a withdrawal.  My particular kit is the laser reprint sold by Paper Models International, but the model can also be purchased directly from Paper Shipwright.  Owner David Hathaway has designed a number of monitor kits, as well as a variety of working craft.  These kits are well-regarded in the card modeling community for their fit and detail.


The kit includes the printed parts on two sheets, instructions, diagrams, and railing templates.  Step one is to build up the egg-crate style hull skeleton and attach the deck and sides, all temporarily affixed to a sheet of glass to prevent warpage.


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Next up is the addition of the hull superstructure.




Once the turret is in place, the remaining build consists of adding various deck details...post-160-0-65809200-1361396006_thumb.jpg


...until the job is basically done, except for the railings.  Not much to it on such a small subject.

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The railings are made by gluing the template to a piece of stiff cardboard, then wrapping quilting thread (very little fuzz) around the template.  I wick some CA glue into the thread to fix the joints and stiffen everything, then spray the railings with an appropriate color.  In this case, gray primer was perfect.



The CA-stiffened thread trims nicely and is easy to bend where necessary.


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The model goes together relatively quickly and makes an interesting finished product.  It is by no means a difficult model compared to what else is available in card model subjects, but it does have a fair amount of small parts, so builders should have some experience working with card before attempting this or other Paper Shipwright subjects.




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