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Brigantine Phoenix by Sergey - Master Korabel - Scale 1:72, 1787

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quicker? Ha. You simply cut parts off the base, drop them into empty box, shake and oops - ready hull on the exit. :dancetl6:


p.s. pay attention to another nice kit from this maker. One day i will drop here short overview of building process.

p.p.s. I do not do any advertisement and have no any connection with the maker. Just share personal experience of newbie shipbuilder.

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Prikrosno, Sergey! I searched for some older russian kits on the link you provided (I´m a bit obsessed with medieval ships from all around the world) but to no avail. Your building is coming very nicely done. Keep it up and bring us new pictures. Paka!

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Hi Sergey,


Fantastic looking kit!


Can you tell us more about the types of wood used for the hull and deck, etc? It looks like good quality.


I did a quick search on the web and found this site that offer the kit for sale: http://hobbyterra.com/index.php?cPath=89&page=1


They accept Paypal and offer free shipping. 


Wouldn't mind one of these for Christmas!

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good day, people


I had abandoned the thread, as well as shipbuild itself. It was not easy time for me, a lot of my ongoing projects were stopped, except motorcycles (well, it is another story and different passion).

So now i am recovering my modelling hobby activity, and this ship is on plans to continue and to finish. The sooner the better, too many other tasty things are resting on the shelf.

However, i am now faraway from my workdesk, having bigger projects to work on  (scale 1:1) - not building but maintaining.

I do hope that on my return i will continue this thread.


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