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HMAV Bounty by Ian B - FINISHED - Billing Boats

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I thought I should share my build as reading other peoples have been a great help and inspiration.


Here are some pictures of the early stages, for a new person I spent the first week or so reading and re-reading the instruction book and plans which for this kit were extremely vague for 99% and the obvious bits had excellent detail! As I have nothing to compare it too I don't know if this is typical for wooden kits? I did buy several books on the subject to help --one on planking, one on rigging  and a general making model ships books which were excellent. I have posted some pictures which dates from Jan 2014 to date. I have stuck closely to the plans but the jolly boat in the kit looked wrong to me so I used the Caldercraft jolly boat kit which has loads of detail which I will show in another posting (when I have painted the oars etc.)  I shall also be ordering better anchors as the plastic ones even painted looked out of place.







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She looks lovely so far.  I think the instructions can be hit or miss depending on the manufacturer of the kit, my current build has terrible instructions and I end up working off the sheets and looking at other folks builds to try to sort out what things should look like, but thats all part of the fun :)

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Welcome Ian

Who is the manufacturer of your Bounty kit? I haven't seen one like it before and some aspects of it are a little odd - I refer to the cannons for instance. Not a criticism just a query.


P.S - I'm silly it's Billings. I thought your name was Ian Billings! :o

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It is amazing what a few days avoiding housework, gardening and DIY can do to my model :)


I have fitted the small cannonades and the rest of the hull detail and bow sprite , the mast is just mocked up as it still needs lots of work.


Yes it is a billings kit. I did see comments about too much plastic in it but there is only the anchors (which I finally got around to ordering the metal Caldercraft ones) and the main cannon carriages. I also ordered some lanterns for the stern a ship does not look right without them. So now it is on too masts and rigging yippee..

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Some goodies arrived in the post the other day...my anchors and lanterns.. I loved the way Flipperphil created his anchors in his build log so I am sure he wont mind if I use his idea... 


This is FlipperPhils Anchor, followed by mine in progress, I have drilled the holes and painted some small pins which I will cut short and fit to replicate the bolts/rivets then make the strapping . So my next decision is how many transom lanterns should I fit-1-2 or 3?





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  • 2 weeks later...

this weekend I started knitting-- or so it felt like LOL! I have attached all the main lines for the foremast and dry fitted it to ensure all the lines were accounted for and long enough... I even started doing the rigging at the top..


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Thanks Keith, the end is in sight-- well the next 4 weeks fingers crossed :) My wife is a teacher and starts the long summer break next week so it will be a good time for that sewing machine lesson so I can rig and fit the sails to the yards-which I still have to make-both the yards and sails :)


One thing I will get around to completely re-doing is her stern. I was originally so pleased with it when I started many months ago but the more I read and see on here the more I realise not only is it unlikely ever to  have that decoration it is not even representative of stern decoration of that whole period..I know it would annoy me for years to come.. so the 'Star ship enterprise' type arch needs to go!!!




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I have posted this on another thread talking about Buoys which inspired me to make some for my ship. but thought it worth also adding to my build. I am still working on the main and mizzen masts which should be ready for installing next week some time-fingers crossed


Using a couple of old glass beads a bit of string and some wire it makes a reasonable (I think so) facsimile of a 17c anchor buoy.







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My wife has been keeping me busy on the DIY front but I have now finished making the yards. In the kit they are only shown as plain yards with the appropriate blocks attached. I have with inspiration and pure plagiarism from other builds on here created stun sail booms, the support banding around the middle of the larger yards and feet ropes. For the foot ropes I drilled and glued in 3mm loops for stirrups, wrapped line around the yard to make the appearance of them being tied and painting them black. On reflection I should have not had the line tight but sagging slightly between stirrups.. never mind one to remember for my second build. The stun sail boom supports were made from soldered copper wire and blackened.





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Unless advised otherwise my next actions are-


1.--- make the sails

2. fit sails to all yards

3. attach foremast yards to already fitted mast

4.attach main mast yards - then attach mast to hull

5. fit mizzen mast yards- attach mizzen mast.


The main and mizzen are only dry fitted, I thought it would give myself lots of room to work around each mast as I rig them.




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Thanks Keith-- I will have a look at the rigging plan again and work the way you suggest. I had fitted the foremast and rigged it before seeing all the advise about not doing that as it was easier to fit yards and sails first..


Thanks Matti the blue was toned down by giving it the same coat of oak stain I used for the hull.

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