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Dremel collets/chucks

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Does anyone know of an online source of collets and or chucks that will fit a dremel (1/8 inch I think) to enable smaller micro drill, pinvice type bits to be used and also larger pieces?

I've just got the work station/drill press for my dremel and want to use my smaller hand drills in it. I'm also interested in possibly using it as a rudimentary lathe if I can find a regular power drill type chuck that would allow it to take larger dowels.


The drill press that isn't until I can find a better collet.


Dremel collet on right, pinvice next to it. I want something like the pinvice collet that fits the dremel.


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The problem I've always had with the smaller collets and bits is runout. The just don't run true.


Another solution is to order 1/8" shank drill bits from a place like Drill Bit City. They have #80 bits with a 1/8" shank. I've found they work very good.





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I have been testing drill bits from separate manufacturers.  I have ordered cheap Chinese on E-bay and not so cheap at McMaster-Carr.


As a result of this thread, I ordered a set from drill bit city this morning. 


Driving this research is my attempt at creating finer nailing patterns on copper hull plates. This is also the reason I am testing different chucks.  No sense having a great bit with poor quality chuck.


I use both a Dremel workstation for simple, hand held drilling and my micro mill its x-y table for drilling out complex hole patterns such as on the copper plating. I suspect I will need different chucks for each machine I use.  I tried two of the Dremel chucks that I already have, both on the Workstation and on the Micro Mill by inserting it into the mini mill chuck but am not happy with the result.



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I just get new ones, they are way to small to go trough the trouble of sharpening them ( I am to old for that ), also the ones I use all the time I buy in bulk.

Joe I hear you, the drills with the 1/8th inch shaft are much better for us.  I must say though that over 1/16th I sharpen them myself. Sometimes it is a little frustrating, must be the weather on those days. I was drilling through some drill stem on the boat trailer and had to resharpen the 5/16 bit 4 or 5 times and sometimes resharpen because I had not got it right. even after 50 years of practice it still takes a gentle touch, and doesn't always work.



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