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San Francisco 2 by lamarvalley - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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Hey Randy,


I am also working on this build.  It looks like you are off to a good start, I see that you have beveled down the bulkheads near the bow.  Have you considered using balsa to fill in the space between bulkheads 1 & 2 and 2 & 3?  It will make a big difference when you get to installing your planking.  Also have you spent some time studying the planking tutorial on this site?  This model is single planked which can be unforgiving and difficult.  I opted to change my build to double plank because of this difficulty.  If you are looking for logs as a reference, check out Shazmira's log as well as mine.  We are both working on this kit and she has also changed to double plank.


Also you can search for vulcanbomber's build, she built the SF I, but a lot of the same procedures apply.



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Randy, looks like she is coming along nicely. And you will probably want to follow Aaron's advice and fill inbetween those bulkheads, especially since you are going to single plank her. It gives you much more surface to glue to around thoses dangerous curves at the bow and stern. Good luck, I will check in often to see how you are progressing.

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Is your balsa sanded down enough? Check it by holding up a plank right under the bulwark and one right above it on the bulwark, they should be flush.


Also, if you haven't done this already, hold a plank up to the bulkheads and make sure the plank rests on each bulkhead. Do this a several locations. If it doesn't sit flush, bevel it so it does, this will make a huge difference once you start planking.



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When I planked my hull the tough curves were made easier by only doing the bullheaded at a time. Later in the build I would use planks that were full length. In hindsight I wish I would have kept the shorter plank patten going it looks allot better with the contrasting colors on the hull

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Hi Lamarvalley,


I did the same as you, no nails and staggarded plank, I think you'll find it will work well! 


In regards to bending planks, is it quick and/or easy to soak and clamp around a can? I used a method of soaking in boiling water, then bending it with a soldering iron. Later on I found a laundry iron also worked and was reasonable quick. I'm not sure if this is the best way as i'm not an expert, but it seemed to work.


Hope to see more updates soon.



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Get a planking iron, they are worth every penny. I tried my wife's curling iron and the clothes iron and finally after burning myself a ton I found this at a model train store. It has an adjustable temp on it and because of the flat head it really made forming on the hull easypost-1401-0-90637800-1362636684_thumb.jpg

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This planking looks excellent indeed.  And with a lateral bend of rather wide planks.  Congratulations.  One question: do you clamp the planks to the former row of planks while drying.  Wherever possible, this is the way to ensure that no plank sticks out.


By the way, I just finished a second planking with no less than 102 full length planks at midships, with not a single damping/wetting/steaming/heating/burning (myself), just with my dear Amati nipper.  And there also was quite a lot of side bending to do (on almost evry single plank).


Keep on with the good job: your San Francisco will become one of the best around!



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You made the planking step look easy. It is nice to have other Sanfan II builders working with you, makes life so much better!





Hopeful aka David


“there is wisdom in many voices”


Completed: Sharpie Schooner (Midwest) Posted in kit build section of forum

Current: Sultana (MSW) Updating the build log and continuing on with the build


Next: Lady Nelson (Amati Victory)

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beautiful planking job. you made it look easy. I really like the iron and at $20 thats a steal. I also like the shorter plank effect. the mixture of the grain patterns really make her look good.


Glad you now can mock that box of jewlery back HA, take that you box of future ship fittings. :10_1_10: I'm a pack rat also and love using thing for something they were never intended. The Hula hoop I fixed the washing machine with and my ex garage door and frame made grape arbor come to mind.


Looking forward to watching this one grow. I love the SF's shape, but decided to cut my teeth on smaller stuff, but then I'm not an ex-cabinet maker.

She on my future list though.

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Thanks Randy,


Yea it makes me sick to look at an early '70's ticket and see $3.50.

No less then 3, Excellent! Lucky you. which tours? I would of loved the see the '77 in the flesh (animals) tour, but was to young at the time.


I'll have to check around for one of those irons, if it worked like that on the SF's single plank magogany, its a miracle (Ha, Waters ref). I had first ordered a SF (lucky it was out of stock) but the single plank scared me for a first attempt. I'm glad I went with the small first projects, but if one small tool makes the SF easier to hull then maybe I need to put here back in the budget, which ATM seems to be going more towards tools and wood. I'm hoping to fit the last plank on the starboard of the Swift tonight (4 left on the larboard, ugh). I'm actually starting to get the hang of the shaping, spiling and beveling though.


so are you going with a gloss or matte Tung oil? I love the way tung oil brings out the colour and graining of wood. Any colour you like (sorry, cant help myself)


Thanks for including the model #, i'm sure I can fine one some where.

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