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MONTANES by Garward - OcCre

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So, we begin it (is continued :) ) since the beginning!
It is difficult to restore, of course, a subject begun in April, 2009 and having at the time of accident more than 110 pages and more than 648000 viewings, but I will try.
Certainly, it won't be the exact copy of the previous subject, but I will try to show all highlights of construction.

Contents of the report on Montanes construction

(replenishes in process of the publication of messages)



DRAWINGS AND READY MONTANES MODELS                                    - page 1
1 . HULL
1.1 . Set                                                                                          - page 1
1.2 . Deck                                                                                       - page 1
1.3 . Balsa inserts                                                             - page 1
1.4. Hull planking                                                              - page 1
        Continuation                                                                             - page 2
1.5 . Framework of gun ports                                             - page 1
1.6. Rubbing piece                                                             - page 2 
1.7 . Fair planking                                                              - page 2
1.8 . Imitation of nails                                                        - page 2
1.9 . Figured levels for rubbing piece and guard rail                - page 2
1.10. Channel board                                                           - page 2
1.11. Manufacturing samson post                                        - page 2
1.12. Fore body of the hull                                                  - page 2

1.13. Сontrol blade                                                             - page 3

1.14 . Production of imitation of cannon hooks and eyes      - page 3

2 . DECK  DETAILS                                                           - page 3

2.1 . Belltower                                                                   - page 3

2.2 . Kabestan                                                                   - page 3

2.3 . Superstructures aft                                                     - page 3

         Cabins for officials                                                      - page 4

2.4. Transom                                                                     - page 4

3 . GUNS                                                                          - page 4

3.1 . Cheeks of gun carriages                                             - page 4

3.2 . Axes                                                                          - page 4

3.3 . Other wooden details                                                  - page 4

3.4 . Metal details                                                                           - page 4   

3.5,  Assembly                                                                                - page 4 

3.6 . Ready guns                                                                - page 4

3.7 . Rigging of guns                                                           - page 4

4 . COVERS OF CANNON PORTS                                     - page 4

4.1 . Wooden details                                                           - page 4
4.2 . Metal details                                                               - page 4
4.3 . Assembly                                                                    - page 4
4.4 . Ready covers of ports                                                 - page 5
4.5 . Installation of covers of ports on the hull                        - page 5
5 . GALLERY                                                            - page 5
5.1 . Gallery overlappings                                                     - page 5
5.2 . Sinks                                                                           - page 5
5.3 . Gallery roof                                                                  - page 5
5.4. Windows                                                                       - page 5
5.5. Gallery assembly                                                           - page 5
6 . FENDER GUARD I LADDERS                                        - page 5
7 . DECK DECOR                                                                 - page 5
8 . INSTALLATION OF DETAILS                                        - page 5
9. MANUFACTURING BARGE                                            - page 6
9.1. The punch                                                                     - page 6
9.2 .Hull gluing together                                                       - page 6
9.3 . Hull hard putty                                                             - page 6
9.4. Hull planking outside                                                     - page 6
9.5 . Hull planking from within                                              - page 6
9.6. Installation of details                                                     - page 6
9.7 . Finishing covering                                                         - page 7
10. CHAIN                                                                          - page 12
11. LAMPS                                                                          - page 12
12. ANCHORS                                                                     - page 12
14 . SPAR                                                                           - page 14
14.1 . BOWSPRIT                                                                                 - page 14
14.1.1 . Wooden preparations                                               - page 14
14.1.2 . Metal details                                                            - page 15
14.1.3 . Set of details of a bowsprit                                        - page 15
14.2 . MASTS                                                                                        - page 16
14.2.1 . Wooden details                                                                    - page 16
14.2.2 . Metal details mast                                                    - page 22
               Small nails                                                                             - page 23
            Assembly of masts                                                               - page 25
14.3 . YARDS                                                                                        - page 40
14.3.1. Manufacturing of laths of an octahedral profile                  - page 40

14.4. Deadeye and chains installation                             - page 42




OF MONTANES                                                                   - page 33
15.1. JIG  SAW                                                                                     - page 33
15.2.The drum-type grinding machin                                         - page 37
Edited by Garward
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I begin the repeated publication of messages on construction of model of the Spanish linear 74-gun ship of the 3rd rank of Montanes (M 1:70). Construction began in 2009 from the set of Montanes of OcCre firm presented to me. Already at the beginning of construction I planned replacement of cast metal details and threads from a set and entering of some other changes into a set, but in the course of construction of these replacements and changes there was so many that so far it, in fact, the Montanes model which is under construction on drawings of OcCre and other sources available to me of information, considerably different from an initial set. I began the publication of messages on Montanes construction on MSW in May, 2009, here I want to bring to your attention these materials in the generalized and systematized look.





The reference is made on the basis of the materials given on the following sites: 



Montanes - the linear ship of the Spanish Armada constructed on a shipyard in the mouth of the river Ferrol (Spain).  It is constructed on José Romero Land's system as one of the San Ildefonso series ships.  Drawings of Montanes were developed by Julian Martin de Retamosa (the engineer and the lieutenant general of the Spanish royal fleet), in particular, was improved a case form. 

Length of Montanes made 54.60 m, height 48.71м, the displacement of 1499 tons.

Montanes was put in May 1794, became operational in 1795 and participated in a number of campaigns and fights, including at Trafalgara.  It was a fast vessel for the time which reached the speed of 14 knots at a fair wind.  Initially completely wooden case in 1805 was covered with about 2400 copper plates, the arms till 1805 consisted of 74 guns located on two decks. 

Montanes participated in 1795 in fight against 8 linear ships and two French frigates in the bay Port - Across Feliu Feliu Guixols where thanks to bigger speed I managed to block an entrance to port and with support of coastal artillery заставилв the French vessels to depart.  At the end of 1795 I sailed from Cadiz, passing Cape Horn, Chile, Peru, the Falkland Islands, to Philippines (Manila, Kavita) where served as a part of the Spanish squadron and I finished the round-the-world travel in 8 years. 

In June 1805 under command of captain Frances of Alcedo entered into the Spanish division under command Galdiano for protection of Cadiz against possible attack of the British vessels Craved. 

I participated in fight at Trafalgara, being appointed in the second division of the integrated French-Spanish fleet. Fight of Montanes left without big damages, but thus I lost the two captains - Frances Alcedo and Antonio Brown, lieutenant Joaquin Gutierrez de of Rubalcava had to assume command. In total on Montanes 20 people were lost and 29 were wounded in fight. It managed to leave from English fleet and it returned to Cadiz at night on October 21, 1805. Under José Kevedo on July 14, 1808 Montanes participated in capture of the French fleet in Cadiz. After that it performed some flights to Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and to Havana. I was lost on March 10, 1810, having run aground near the cape Cadiz during a whole gale.


Edited by Garward
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Besides drawings from a set in the course of construction drawings and the drawings given here were used also: 



and in already mentioned monograph "JOSÉ ROMERO FERNANDEZ DE LANDA




By the way, according to this link there is a big list of other books and articles on Spanish, English, French and even Russian the part from which is available to downloading.


Here it is possible to look at the ready Montanes models constructed by various Spanish modellers 





radio-controlled Montanes model



Montanes 3D model



It was succeeded to catch also here such drawing


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Ufff... waiting to see once again that marvellous model. But I would really appreciate if all the tips and tricks could also be restored. This is the real treasure.


Thanks for the comment! I will try to restore councils and device, probably, in parallel with the publication in this topic I will place information on machines in other sections of a forum.

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Contents of the report on Montanes construction

(replenishes in process of the publication of messages)




1 . HULL

1.1 . Set                                       - page 1
1.2 . Deck                                    - page 1
1.3 . Balsa inserts                   - page 1
1.4. Hull planking                     - page 1
        Continuation                            - page 2
1.5 . Framework of gun ports   - page 1
1.6. Rubbing piece                  - page 2 
1.7 . Fair planking                   - page 2
Edited by Garward
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1 . HULL


1.1 . Set


For assembly of the case frames (after check of the sizes and a configuration) and a frame from a box, appeared very decent quality are used. For assembly of the case the building berth (counting on long-term use) which design allows reliably and to fix precisely Kiel and frames in the course of assembly of a set, its covering and installation on the case of details was also developed and constructed. The building berth consists of the basis (the laminated parquet board 1000х380х14мм) on which are established:

- directing for fixing of Kiel (an aluminum corner of 40х20х2 mm) with cuts for frames (cuts are made under concrete model, in this case Montanes-OcCre);

- figured directing on which in the course of installation of frames the carriage (plywood of 10 mm, figured levels) with a dural plate regulated on height 4мм, located at right angle to Kiel (for installation and fixing of frames) moves along Kiel;

- lateral racks (a board 20мм) with possibility of movement along Kiel and it is perpendicular to it (for case fixing);

- parallel clips (oak 20мм).

The building berth can be used for construction of the type-setting cases up to 1 meter long. Depending on a stage of construction of the case these or those details of a building berth are applied.






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1.2 . Deck


The top and bottom decks consist of two halves everyone. Covering – levels Tanganyika of 3х1 mm, are pasted by PVA. Seams between levels are imitated by black paper thickness 0,1мм, pasted to end faces of levels. Openings for nails of 0,5 mm in the deck were drilled by means of the conductor from a brass plate. For imitation of nails the toothpicks which ends are pierced to diameter 0,5мм by means of a drill and the adaptation in the form of the brass cylinder with a flat bottom thickness 3мм on which center the opening by diameter 0,5мм is drilled are used. All these operations are done before installation of decks

 on the hull.





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Before installation of decks on the hull they passed intermediate processing for protection against possible pollution in the course of assembly:  the surface was smoothed out and covered with one layer of a liquid nitrovarnish.  Finishing processing of decks (final cleaning, polishing and a covering) is carried out just before or in the course of installation of deck details. 

Montañés a bend of the deck isn't provided by a set therefore on бимсы overlays for its imitation are established.




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1.4. Hull planking 


Below a belt of ports the unary planking  - laths of Sapelli of 5х2 mm is established;  above - a double planking :  the primary - linden and Sapelli laths (that was available at that time) 5х1, 5 mm, secondary – an interline interval of a yellow pear (a belt of ports) and ebony fine line (above ports) 0,5 mm thick.  The false board from within is sheathed by laths padauk 5х1,5 mm.  All laths were calibrated, bent previously by means of a device of AM7381 http://www.modelsworld.ru/shop/product1504.php), 

in places of difficult bends were presoaked in ammonia (liquid ammonia), were glued by cian glue for ZAP30 tree. 


Beginning of primary planking 






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1.5 . Framework of gun ports


Before the termination of primary covering (while there is an access to internal part of boards) a framework of gun ports is made and inserted. Framework of 14х14 in size and 12х12мм is stuck together by cian glue from laths of padayuc of 5х1,5 mm by means of a template. The template is made of aluminum by thickness 3мм, cian by glue, mandrels – from aluminum and plywood is stuck together, are pulled together with screws. For conveniences of installation of a framework on the case the adaptation is made of a desk lamp with telescopic support and a metal corner in the form of a multipurpose rack.






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Type of the hull with the framework of ports pasted (Moment joiner). Framework of ports of the first battery is processed aflush with primary planking (on them covers of ports will be established), a framework of ports of the second battery will be processed after installation of a secondary planking (on them covers won't be).






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