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Rigging hooks

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Richard beat me to it, but yes, Syren seems to be the only place I've been able to find also, but Cornwall Model Boats has a lot of kit-specific accessories if you want to try them.  
Cheers   :piratebo5:

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Look at the Caldercraft Models PE brass hooks. They are made out of hard brass and I got mine thru Cornwall Model Boats along with other rigging hooks and eyebolts. They are larger than Syrens thats listed below. Just go to Cornwalls fittings area and lookup Caldercraft.


I have the Syren 3mm and 4mm laser cut .010 thick black vinyl Hooks. I like them for the smaller scales and rigging because you do not have to blacken or paint them. Just cut them off the carrier sheet-175 pcs per order from Chuck. They are PERFECT for gun carriage rigging block hooks! And a GREAT VALUE. I am not working or paid by Chuck in any way. Just a happy customer.


I use the brass for the larger models and areas that have to have tension on the lines,while use the vinyl on small rigging where there is little force on the lines other than just the weight of the line and blocks.


Happy building


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I guess it should be asked for the model and the scale and also the usage?    I can recommend Chuck's hooks and also Daniel (Dafi's:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/2713-dafi´s-photo-etch-set-for-hms-victory-1100-heller-and-other-ships/_ hooks.   But these may not work depending upon the answers.

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Guy's, dafi sells a big sheet of etch brass with thousands of eye-bolts and hooks and appears to be tremendous value.

However, according to his website you select the option to send the required e-mail. This I've done several times to no avail.

In fact I've just had a final attempt. If my experience is anything to go by, then dafi is losing a lot of custom.

It done my brain in.

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Thank you wefalck for the hint and thank you shipman for your patience.


Rather difficult times at the moment with a privet move that went berserk, lots of work in the office and finally a very persiatant flue ...


Things are starting to get sorted out on my side and I alreday started answering all the posts that summed up on my account. If you did not get an answer from me yet, please try here on this way to contact me.


All the best and sorry for any inconveniences, cheers Daniel



PS: And hell how am I looking forward to pick up my own build again!

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