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De Zeven Provinciën 1665 by Dražen Carić - Scale 1: 45

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Hello Dražen,


Jan is welcoming you back. So somehow I missed this one on the older version of MSW.

It would be great to see your build of 'De Zeven Provinciën'.


It's indeed your choice. A complete log of your work for over two years may a little to much and will take a lot of time.

But please do post the pictures.


Thank you for sharing and reposting.


I will follow your build with interest.


Take care,



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I will do a more informative restore, but will take my time for that. Please, be patient. I am just in the mid of building the decks together from hundreds of small pieces I made in past months and would like to finish this job to make me feel better :) ..




... and I hope we learned from this hard disc-disaster and will have a good backup in the future.


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Here we go…


My model of the Zeven Provincien  does have following dimensions:

Overall length: 135.6 cm
Length of the waterline: 102.6 cm
Length of the keel: 89,3 cm
Hull width:  28.2 cm
Overall width: 57,8 cm


I had started the project in February 2011, collecting some sources for the project for few months before this date: Plans, books, etc.



Why I decided to go with this model...
There have been also several other French and English ships as options, also the Swedish Vasa. Vasa would be much easier concerning the information we have about this ship, but Vasa has a bad karma in my opinion. 7P at the opposite was a ship serving for many years with great success and thus contributing significantly to the Dutch history. I had been working for 13 years for a Dutch company (Philips) - who knows – maybe this had also  contributed towards my decision to build this ship.


... and indeed, the main issue for me, and the main time consuming hurdle is – searching for the relevant historic information.  Often, I do not have distinct 100% information which says: “Do so” or “It has been made like that”, but need to collect different sources and make my own decision.




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... the happy thing is that I have few very serious coaches helping me with this built to whom I am very geratful. Some of them are friends and even very good friends of mine:

Mile Bijelić – a very good friend from Zagreb/Croatia. Mile won Gold on the World championship twice: 1998. (am not sure exactly about the year) with the Royal Caroline, 1749 and 2013 with his HMS Royal Prince 1670


Ab Hoving – a very dear guy whom I extremely appreciate and see as the most relevant source for the knowledge in Dutch ship building.


Artitec (www.artitec.nl) – I have got some very important information from Herbert Thomasen and am very grateful for this


Some other not less important people, from Netherlands providing me with different information and sources


Our Russian colleagues Alexandr Dobrenko and Dr. Mike and their video about ship building – a lot of excellent techniques which I post here as I make progress.

And also thanks to Jan (MSW name: “amateur”) who follows my progress and provides a lot of fundamental information.


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Hi Dražen,


I followed your build on the old forum and it is some inpressive work you are creating ! Being Dutch I am also very interested in our 17th century ship building.


You mention Ab Hoving. He is indeed a great source of knowledge. I have met him in person last year when he still was the head maritime curator in the National museum. He is retired now but still very eager to help others.



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I will post here some historic paintings for people who do not know the ship and please you to read about it's history/facts in e.g. Vikipedia.


... also a photo of a model made by Herbert Tomaesen and a prortrait of admiral Michiel Andriaszoon de Ruyter who was commanding this ship.










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... than, before iI start with my build, i post few photos from the ship my friend Mile Bijelić made. Well, I hope to be not to far from the quality of the model, but, let's see...


(Mile is the guy in blue shirt, I am on the left - the ship is the HMS Prince 1670, 1:70, won gold last year on World championship)








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