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  1. I have Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship & Ocean Carrier. Wefalck is correct it's an amazing book as you will soon find out. Another one on my radar is Deep-Water Sail by Underhill. Enjoying the posts and masterful work!
  2. Love all of the little details especially on the sails! Keep it coming Rob.
  3. Hi Michael, yes I would like to try and find some time for another visit. Right now tied up with work and professional studies in the evening. I have 2 weeks off at Christmas to catch up with family, work on HMS Wivern ship in bottle and eventually get back to the Preussen SIB. I’ll PM you closer to the 25th. As always outstanding work and nice fix to the dead bar and consultants. There was never a doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t resolve the problem. Jeff
  4. Just caught up to this. Hope you and Judy are well. Now that the beast is it of your Man Cave it looks like you ‘all of a sudden’ have tons of space. Thanks again for the tour of your shop, the shim stock, and I look forward to the completion of the cutter. As always top notch workmanship! Jeff
  5. Looks really good Rob! Just getting over the same bug myself, glad you’re well. Please keep it coming as I am really enjoying this build.
  6. Very exciting thanks for posting the update! Take care, Frankie ...Jeff
  7. Hi Rob, know the feeling well. The wife and me years ago bought a house to flip and it turned into a 2 year project. She looks good and you can never go wrong with replacing/adding doors and windows. BTW it snowed here today 🤮 Jeff
  8. Just catching up. Good to see your back at it. Ahhhhh, you found out about GS hypo cement. The stuff is a God send. Price is right too! Detail is superb, please keep it coming Bro!
  9. It was good to come and finally see your new Man Cave and all of the cool stuff you have. I was blown away literally! Thanks again for the neat trick with the shim stock technique. I forwarded the pics of your live steam layout to a model railroad buddy of mine and he was greatly impressed. I also told him about the Model Engineer website. I had a chance to peruse the Rio Grande website so thanks for the tip-off. I didn't see the fine cloth sandpaper there... was that possibly Rock and Gem? I forgot. I am going to try your bulwark technique on my Wivern. The link to the build is here: http://www.bottledshipbuilder.com/topic/423-hms-wivern-by-chausseur/?tab=comments#comment-5094
  10. I remember first viewing this model in the Stanley Milner Library and correct me if I am wrong it used to be the Edmonton Centennial Library at one time. I remember taking the time to view it and was in awe at all of the detail and its enormous size in the glass case. Then when you posted it's fate I was in aghast at what had happened! Now I look forward to taking a trip back to the library to see it in its former glory once you finish the project. The model is really shaping up and your dedication as a craftsman/artisan is really starting to pay off! Can't wait to see it in person up close ...Jeff
  11. Hi, Michael good to see you back in your Man Cave and it looks Awesome! You have exactly the same airbrush I use if... yours is the double-acting model? I have found Testors Model Master paints whether acrylic or enamels to work extremely well with Paasche. Most of Model Master paints will work right out of the jug with no mixing/thinner except white. On another note, my favorite hobby shop discontinued Model Master paints due to some trade wars happening on the border. Fortunately, I believe you can still order them online. Looking good my friend ...Jeff
  12. Just catching up. She is a thing of beauty! Your craftsmanship is unparalleled*
  13. Looking good Mark! Unbelievable how technology has revolutionized the modeling industry. Jeff

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