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  1. i can go to the copy store and use their machine to get the laser print, and Amazon sells Xylene. I'm all set. TB
  2. From my point of view, this is the brilliance in this project. Tom
  3. Beautiful work. Interesting hull shape! Tom
  4. Another thing you can do is buy your dowels from a woodworking store that caters to furniture makers (in the USA I'm thinking of Woodcrafters or Rockler). Furniture makers typically make plugs from dowels to cover screw heads. Consequently, cherry, mahogany, etc dowels are readily available in these stores. Tom
  5. John, A nice project. My dear departed sister was also a Pamela, so I took a look at your photos. One observation: There's clearly a break in the railing at the bridge level, probably on the other side as well. Ladders? Tom
  6. Hi Andy, Nice to hear from you again. Isn't a waterspout just a tornado over water? And should you be on deck taking pictures, rather than seeking shelter? Tom PS Whatever happen to that vessel you were creating for the model railroad club?
  7. I will second Geoff's thoughts and add that in your tenure as director of the NRG you have strengthened and broadened the NRG organization and this forum. We all owe you so much and appreciate your expertise and friendly, sharing style. On the one hand, we're sorry to see you leave that Board which you influenced so much, but, on the other, we're delighted that your entrepreneurial effort with Syren is paying dividends! Tom Black
  8. I've had that question posed to me. I turned it around and asked him what it would be worth to him. We agreed. I think the underlying question is: are you in this hobby to make money, or do you enjoy the task and you're running out of space? If the latter, then sell at whatever price to make room for the next project. I've donated several models to historical societies, church auctions, etc. where I don't get any cash, but I get a tax letter which serves as a deduction on my IRS return. Tom
  9. I was just over at the Lowe's store, and they sell it, dimensioned as 0.19 inches. I assume Home Depot would have the same thing, but dimensioned as 3/16". You have to pick through the pile to find the straight piece, but it's doable. Tom
  10. ,you should have had a Sunstone which is a type of Feldspar It was used by the Vikings and other seamen to find the position of the Sun when sailing in Fog,Snow and when the sky was totally overcast. Went out of use with the advent of the magnetic compass I believe. Dave, I'm sure that was very helpful for finding latitude, but without an accurate chronometer, you can't find longitude. Dava Sobol has written a short and fascinating history on the development of a sea-going clock to be able to calculate the latter. The book is called longitude and the clock resides in Greenwich, still keeping time!
  11. I was the navigator on a Navy ship back in the '60s; we didn't have any electronic aids, so a sextant was my primary tool. It works fine until you're hit with 4 days of overcast skies. So maybe we need both systems.
  12. Why not secure the lower deadeye so that it doesn't swivel?
  13. How about a couple of golf tees, hollowed out, for horns?