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  1. Well, this is the result of my best guess for what this model may have looked like when it was originally built. My work associate was quite pleased with the results. I enjoyed the restoration, but I feel I could have done a little better with some areas. I was actually finished with this back in July this year. Bill
  2. One magnet is epoxyed to the wood board behind the drawing and a second magnet in front of the drawing. At the bottom of the drawing there are two sets of magnets for the two bottom corners. Along the top I have self adhesive magnet strips. A piece of steel holds the two top corners of the drawing to the magnetic strips. Bill
  3. I keep my plans for the Royal William rolled and in storage tubes I picked up at Staples. A small graphic is on the outside of the tube that shows what is inside. When I need a certain drawing I have a board hanging from the ceiling in my shop that has magnets. Magnets were from Staples as well. Bill
  4. Bob, Frankie, Druxey, Sure do appreciate your valuable advice and links. Russell Potts also got back to me with good information as well. He mentioned books by Daniel and Tucker, which I was able to find at Amazon as e-book downloads for about 9 bucks each. Lots of information to review and come up with the best guess for this particular model. Thanks again!!! Bill
  5. Appreciate the reply. It is not meant to be a sailing model. Just a static display model that appears to function as it did in the past. Bill
  6. Hi, A work associate of mine has a pond yacht that he would like to have restored to how it used to be at one time. It belonged to his dad, who passed away a few years ago. He has no history of this model. Hull is 30 inches long and 6 inches beam. All there is is the hull which is a bread and butter build and it has split apart. There are a few brass fittings on the deck which can be seen in the pictures below. The mast step may have had a piece of brass tubing soldered on which has most likely been broken off and could be easily fixed up. It was most likely home made, but the keel looks like it could have been commercial. Searching through the internet, I can't find anything that is close,but I should be able to come up with something to approximate the sails, standing and running rigging based on other pond yachts. The only thing that puzzles me is the steering gear. If it had a brain gear at one time, I can't figure out the function of the pin rail that runs fore and aft in front of the rudder shaft. I've already sent an email to the Vintage Model Yacht Group in the UK, but haven't hear anything back from them. I've had some correspondence with someone else who figured the model was based on Marblehead pond racing yacht. Yes, it does have some similarity to a Marblehead, I guess. The puzzler is the steering gear. Would anybody have any idea what it could have been? Thanks in advance, Bill
  7. Canada post dropped off a Euromodel Royal William. Got it on a very nice ebay deal. Easy enough convincing the Admiral since my 60th birthday is next week. Last week I received a Proxxon table saw which was on sale at Amazon. Apparently it had some surface imperfections, but I can't find 'em. Bill
  8. I bought replacements. Amati 28 mm. I liked them much better than the kit supplied guns.
  9. Hi Dave, The History of American Sailing Ships by Howard Chapelle has a chapter on privateers and slavers. He does mention the Rattlesnake with a brief history and some drawings. Bill
  10. Hi, Try Cast Your Anchor Hobby. They are in 416 area code. I've made one small purchase from them and it worked out well. Bill
  11. Wonderful pictures Sherry. I'm currently building the Niagara. Good catch on the Roberson screws. Since I'm in Ontario, is there a schedule for the Niagara tour? I can't find anything on line. Regards, Bill