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  1. Thanks Druxey, sometimes I wish I had handwriting as neat as the original draftsmen!
  2. Thanks for the feedback bear, you don't know where I might find the original NMM drawing do you? Is it publicly available?
  3. Hello all, I've just started to use my airbrush for most parts I make...and quickly ran into a problem I am sure many of you have faced. When attempting to spray paint small parts, the pressure from the gun simply blows the parts away! My solution is simple, and i'm sure many of you have thought of this before...but elegant enough that I thought it might warrant sharing. Double sided tape the part down using its normal mating surface So what other methods do you all have of arresting small / tiny parts such that they do not decide to go orbital instead of putting on their makeup?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Some really nice research there, I feel privileged! The general consensus at the moment is that they are ventilation holes and will run with that. I am still unsure what the small features on the left and the right of the slot are. Perhaps piping? They seem to be circular...Maybe just circular vent holes in a square slot?
  5. Hi guys, I have a question regarding John McKay's drawings of the HMS Bounty. On the quarterdeck railings there are several square cutouts with some other feature on the left and right side of the slot. What are these for? Does anyone have any other pictures of them? I could only find them detailed on the ISO and side drawings provided below, and they do not appear to be visible on the inside wall (behind a square block it seems?). Many thanks, Jason
  6. I was not aware NRG was having to bankroll MSW. I'd love to see the running costs for the website, particularly how much in the negative it is to see how much of the bill NRG has to foot. As I am not an NRG member (approx 100$ a year for AUS), I can't see this from the journal. If I'd known we were running a deficit I'd be much more inclined to donate. As an aside, recurring costs for unlocking features on a phpbb hosting seems a bit rough. AFAIK hosting costs are generally associated with total bandwidth and storage usage. Maybe having the breakdown above would allow people to 'suggest better deals' if they're available? I must admit though I've only dealt with smaller volume hosting providers, and swapping providers is a colossal PITA.
  7. Why bother having it displayed in the avatar? Does being a guild member automatically make people a better modeler thus we should trust their posts more?
  8. Great to see you're on it again. If you want to reduce the 'toy feel' you could go with duller tones on the blue / red / yellow. Less fluro so it looks a bit more serious.
  9. Great work guys. Slicking new themes and love the new features, especially the way paginification works. 'Location' needs a colon and space after it on the user post ID panel.
  10. Put some bluetac on the end of the tweezers.
  11. We need more threads like this. Excellent work.
  12. I posted in another thread the aussie version of that under powered drill dremel thingo. I use it as my dedicated treenailing drill and it is by no means worthless. It saves me 2 minutes changing collets frequently! It does have a fair bit of vibration though so to get crisp holes you need to use a short drill.
  13. Usually when using a bending iron I found it worked best to have the planks saturated. Applying the iron to them vaporises the water and dries the wood out, which allows for good heat transfer to the cell walls of the wood making it 'rubbery'. If it dries out too much I usually apply some more water. If I don't do this it is very easy to get scorch marks on the dry wood from the iron. Everyone has their own methods of doing it, there are some good plank bending guides in the MSW wiki here.
  14. Get a dremel/other rotary tool or forever regret your bad decisions in life. In Aus we have a cheap knockoff brand 'Ozito' which can be had for 30$ which is decent quality and 2 year warranty.
  15. Hello Chris, I noticed your request got missed. What model bounty is it? I have the instruction booklet for the Artesania Latina kit if that could help. Mind you I find it is pretty useless, just searching the build logs here is much more useful.