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  1. Hello Sherry,


    Wishing yoy a very happy birthday.  Have a wonderful day.

    Hope everything is well. You are missed.



    Anja & Sjors

  2. Hello Sherry ,long long time no see, wishing you the greatest of days with family and friends ,will raise my glass and toast you ," Happy Birthday"have fun ,eat lots ,(easy on the cake),have a wee nip or two . are you still modeling .kind regards .Edwin

  3. a very happy birthday to you Sherry :)  looks like a great day to spend on your ship >hint< >hint<   enjoy and have a great day!

  4. Augie Bruno

    Shocked is an understatement! I have been away from MSW for a little while and just came back today, only to discover this heart wrenching news. Augie was absolutely just as everyone here has already described - an encourager, mentor and friend, all mixed with a dash of wonderful humour. MSW will never be quite the same. You will truly be missed. My heart felt condolences to Diane and family.
  5. Weather Report - post your significant weather - past or present

    Near my home last evening - 9 inches of snow by the time it was all over!
  6. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Rather that what I have done, this is more of a "what has someone do to you today" About an hour ago on my way home from work, a young girl in a little car, pulled out of a side-road and plowed into the passenger side of my SUV. I had managed to get over far enough to avoid a major impact, but it was hard enough to send me spinning in a couple of circles down the middle of the road! She said that the car was a recent purchase, and it was a standard. She told me that she wasn't used to driving it yet and was trying to gear down. I guess it never occurred to her to apply the brakes at the stop sign instead!!! I probably shouldn't add this part, but.....................she was blond. Fortunately everyone is okay. My vehicle sustained only minor damage, but there were several "chunks" of her little car all over the road.
  7. Weather Report - post your significant weather - past or present

    I hate to whine, but I'm tired of winter and ready for summer! Tomorrow is the same old thing: a dash of frostbite with a side of frozen nostrils, accompanied by liberally caked wipers and coated windshields!
  8. Weather Report - post your significant weather - past or present

    -40 Celcius this morning! That's minus f-f-f-f-forty Fahrenheit as well!!! I'm ready for summer!!!!
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Glad you found it too! I lost my ring a few years ago - it was missing for a couple of months. One day I went downstairs to the freezer to select something for supper and found it "frosted" to a package of salmon! Definitely something fishy about that! (Thought I'd say it before someone else did)
  10. The part I like the most is working on it. The part I like the least is not having the time to work on it!
  11. What else do you model, besides ships?

    She knows....trust me
  12. I have family in NC and we occassionally make it down that way for a visit. I am marking the date for this event on the calendar (in pencil) just in case! It would be great to see everyone's work in person, not to mention meeting the modellers!
  13. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    You're more accurate than you know regarding the need of a railroad plow! We will have to settle for our 48 inch snow blower attatchment. Building the cab was a pleasant distraction from the caregiver roll I know fill for my husband's parents. One of which is partially paralized from a stroke and the other has alzheimers. In my particular case, the "What have you done today to stay sane" would be a more appropriate title.
  14. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    What did I do today? Well, I finished the snow cab I've been building for my husband - he approved. It's one of the many things that kept me away from my ship building lately. Hope to be back in the shipyard soon...