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  1. Hi Rob, what did you use for handrail and posts?
  2. Rob, isn't it the results that matters and not what was done to get thoose results? Also, are you happy with the results? I would be very happy with the results of the panelling.
  3. Looks good! I hope you're encouraged by your results.
  4. Hi Elijah. Your Pantom is looking very good. I'd like to point out something in Chuck's Practicum. On pg. 16 he talks about the cockpit. Chuck points out that the floor of the cockpit should be 1 foot below the adjacent deck. I've seen some Phantom's where the cockpit floor was lowered and they look alot better than those that didn't lower the cockpit floor. Look at Chuck's cockpit on pg. 17. The ship's wheel is up against the grating. By lowering the cockpit floor there will be a gap between the ship's wheel and grating. Regards.
  5. Nice work Elijah. What is the purpose of the sheet of paper with the lines drawn at an angle? See post # 287/
  6. Nenad What kind of material is BBQ?
  7. Hi Ed: Your method of POB building is really great! I started scratch building the Flying Fish last year. I came to an impasse with the bow and stern. With looking over your POB techniques, I have re-started the project. I have started building the bow and stern using your techniques. Once completed the new bow and stern will be grafted onto the solid model. I will need to cut off the existing bow and stern to make room for the new bow and stern.
  8. Really great techniques, and first rate quality