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  1. Never too late.

    Thank you all for your welcome, all the best. Adrian.
  2. Never too late.

    Good evening to everyone, thank you all for the reception and I'm waiting for you in my threhttps://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/12350-rnlb-ruby-arthur-reed-2-by-djbobo/&nd . All the best Adrian .
  3. Never too late.

    Hello everybody, I will start to introduce myself although I have been on this forum for some time. I live in the city of Braila on the Danube at 150 km from the Black Sea, my grandfather was a sailor, my father captain, my cousin is a heller, my brother is a mechanic on the ship, and myself a mechanic and a sailor on a river ship. I am passionate about building ships since I was in gymnasium and until now I am a member of Galati University Club and participate national and international competitions. My works are on the Romanian shipmodels forums. Adrian ,