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  1. Does anyone have any ideas what has been done here, particularly with the wonderful 'oak' below the waterline. Not just the wonderful coluor but the rough, weathered plank texture too. The model is of the Anne McKim built by Walter A Symonds in 1931 and is in the Addison Collection http://www.pa59ers.com/library/Addison/ships.html
  2. I am building (first build) Lynx, Mantua Panart. The hull is double planked and per the instructions each side will be 2.5mm thick. The keel, into which I am cutting the rabbet is only 5mm thick. Clearly this is not thick enough for all four planks to sit in their rabbets. Do any of you splendid folk have any advice. I was thinking I would not take the first skin into the rabbet and sand the planks down to the barding line. Then only put the outer skin into the rabbet. This, however would probably mean single thickness only in the dead wood area at the stern. Any thoughts?