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  1. What have you received today?

    Received last week, Master Korabel 75mm small boat kit.
  2. Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    Get both eyes done. You stated your right eye is correctable with glasses, which means there is a slight issue, so get it fixed. My best friend had the same issues as you and is extremely happy he got both eyes done. No more glasses.
  3. Wood Allergies

    Cedar does the same to me. Sent me to the ER once. The Admiral was not happy. Told me if she caught sanding Cedar with out a mask SHE would send me to the ER for a foot extraction. Julie be careful.
  4. 1:80 Endeavour - Ship Model Okumoto

    Tempting...very tempting.
  5. The Winnie sounds like a winner and I am willing to wait for a quality project. Give me time to build my Essex.
  6. Shop music

    They are played LOUD.😁😎 My Preamp and Amps are top of the line 70’s Yamaha.
  7. Shop music

    60’s through 80’s rock, cassettes, CD’’s and LP’s. AC/DC to Uriah Heep.
  8. Nautical Adventures.

    As I recall this was his first time as Captain. He was found guilty of negligence and not allowed to Captain again in Belize. The second Captain was also found guilty of negligence and had his Captain License pulled for five years. The second Captain got screwed IMO. He did all he could but was over ridden by the Captain, what else could he do? The worst part is the vast majority of Five million insurance money went to the charter company to salvage the boat. Almost nothing went to the victims families.
  9. Nautical Adventures.

    It is weird how my old brain works. I was looking at the shiny line supplied for rigging with my Cannon Jolle and it reminded me of nylon and polypropylene mooring lines which in turn reminded me of the Wave Dancer tragedy in 2001. On October 8, 2001, the 120-foot luxury live-aboard dive yacht Wave Dancer carrying members of the Richmond Dive Club, was secured to a concrete dock tied outboard of the Belize Aggressor III, another Dive yacht embarking members of the RDC in southern Belize when Hurricane Iris struck. The category four hurricane, with winds of 140 mph and a storm surge of fourteen feet, ripped the Wave Dancer from its cleats when it’s combination of nylon and polypropylene mooring lines stressed and failed tossing it like a toy across the lagoon. According to survivors from the time they heard the lines give to the time they were being rolled across the lagoon was less than 14 seconds. Passengers where disoriented and ill prepared by the Captain. When the storm subsided an hour later, 20 of the boat’s 28 occupants were dead. The investigation into the tragedy — the worst in the history of recreational diving — revealed that the boat’s owner and captain had ignored storm warnings, ignored advice from the locals on the crew to return to Belize City and disembark passengers, threatened to fire any crew member who left the boat and needlessly endangered the lives of their passengers and crew. There were so many mistakes made by this Captain that it boggles the brain, like taking a vote from the passengers on what they wanted to do. I was certified to dive in 1973 and have well over 1000 dives made all over the world and in many conditions. I have dove off the Belize Aggressor III four times and I have been on a dive boat during a hurricane ( Cayman Aggressor, Hurricane Ike) with a competent Captain.
  10. For aesthetic reasons the trough would seem to be the answer BUT in real usage it would be very impractical. Remove one ball and they roll, move two it gets worse, remove three and the movement bounces balls out the end. The drilled one, whilst being a PITA to make, is the way to go. IMHO.

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