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  1. Thanks Jean Paul for a great tip.
  2. Jim Rogers

    2mm block threading

    I also use gel for the same exact reason.
  3. You can’t just bend dry wood or it will break. Some people soak in warm water and bend it on the frames or use an electric bender. I prefer steam. I make a jig forming the bend in the hull, attach the wood to the front with a clamp, hit with steam and slowly bend and clamp it to the jig. I usually do four planks at a time. Let it air dry or hit it with a hair dryer. It is a learning curve you’ll soon master it.
  4. Jim Rogers

    2mm block threading

    I put the CA on my thumb and then run the line through my thumb and forefinger. I have never stuck my fingers together as of yet, just pull it off my fingers when I am finished. Messy but works well.
  5. Boats came out great. Like the cutting in half trick.
  6. Joe are you planning on making the lower decks visible. It is shown in the plans BUT nowhere in my written instructions is it pointed out you need to remove material in bulkheads 6, 10, 15 and the bulkhead former. There is a note in the online version under the First photo of Chapter two BUT again not pointed out in the written instructions. This is most irritating as I found the note AFTER I spent three days getting everything aligned and have started installing fillers, I put balsa between all my frames. I think if I am careful I can remove the material with my Dremel and Sonicrafter. Should have paid more attention to Bob’s build log. It was right there in front of me . Arrrrrgggggghhh.
  7. Jim Rogers

    1/84 scale Victory's Carronade (model space)

    Use the .016 and see what it looks like. You should be able to get a .010 thick piece at a craft store if it does not work out.
  8. Jim Rogers

    Revelle fictional ship?

    I’m thinking that as the name on the box is just “Pirate Ship” it is just a generic ship from that time period .
  9. Jim Rogers

    New here. Possibly in over my head.

    Welcome. In addition I would add micro drill bits, a Dremel, a magnifying light and a big old box of patience There are lots of tools that come in handy as we progress in this hobby the biggest thing is enjoy yourself.
  10. It looks to me that parts 9 & 10 are fit around that rod at the stern and then part 12 fits inside the hollow at the top of the assembled rudder.
  11. As far as the Shourds, ratlines and rigging you would be better off purchasing your line, blocks, hearts and dead eyes from Syren Ship Company.
  12. Jim Rogers

    Hello! Question About Rehoming a Ship

    Charlie a photo would help.

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