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  1. I'm a retired Torpedoman's Mate chief we tend to keep things tidy. Actually I field day once a week on Saturday morning. My Master Chief Nuke buddy says he hates coming over here it is always so clean. I can always find my tools and know when inventory is running low. Especially my Single Malt😏
  2. Here are some shots of the Garagemahal/Goatlocker Shipyard. I am a blessed man and the Admiral is the best. The downstairs area is my woodworking shop, upstairs is the Goatlocker Lounge and Shipyard.
  3. Me too but O don't have a burner in my shop although this does give me food for thought. The only time my French Press gets used is when we lose power, which believe it or not is sometimes like living in a third world country around Puget Sound.
  4. I disagree the Emeril's Bold is a great cup of coffee but for the majority of the rest they are pretty bland BUT they all beat Starbucks. Does anyone really want "Unicorn Dust" , whatever that is on their coffee.
  5. I use Ebay to buy Vintage 70 and 80's Stereo Equipment that you just can't find anywhere else. Just like vinyl records the old analog equipment just sounds better with vinyl. Doesn't compress the signal. Big Vintage Yamaha fan. I love getting into my workshop in the morning, turn on the Kuerig machine, turn on the stereo, get some Buffalo Springfield turning, pull out some finely crafted blocks by Chuck, seize them with some exquisite rope, also by Chuck and work on my American made model.
  6. I understand that but I don't understand how it aids a model. I use thicker black or brown line to make my standing rigging look tarred. I would love to learn how to serve a Open Heart Block. P
  7. Chuck I am going to show my ignorance here. I don't understand how a served line adds to a model. Won't it make your line thicker and harder to pass through blocks. I truly don't get it. I just got my Syren in the mail today and if serving lines would add to the model I am in. I plan on upgrading all blocks and line to your products. What would you think about using Redheart on the inner bulkheads vice painting
  8. Think about getting a Double Throw Air Brush. You have control on the amount of paint And the area painted in one pass. You will get much better results than with a bunch of spray cans.
  9. Well actually I mean Edensaw but Rockler is part of that business.
  10. Looks great definitely finish it you have done an awesome job. I feel your pain with parts but here are my go to: line and blocks from Syren, (you can't find better) other fittings from Age of Sail and Modelers Central. Wood from Crown Timberyard who is sometimes slow as this is his second job
  11. The vinyl letters come aligned you just need to center and carefully rub off.
  12. Thank you for the information Bartley. I am now contemplating buying a Micro Mark Tablesaw and doing my own milling. We have one of the best exotic wood stores in the world about 50 miles from my house and as I plan on doing the inner bulkheads of my Syren using Redheart it could be worth it.
  13. Mine are currently laid over my couch in the Goat Locker. I have ordered the Syren and want something better. Sometimes it is hard to get the Rottweiler off the couch.
  14. Bob I used Do It Yourself Vinyl. My letters came out to be a little bigger than 1/8th inch. I contacted them via email and explained what I was doing and what I needed and they came through. Cost was $6.
  15. Very nice build.