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  1. Band or Scroll saw

    There are things you can do with a scroll saw you can't do with a band saw when working on thinner model sized stock. The only thing I can think of that a scroll saw can't do that a band saw can do is resawing thick slabs.
  2. Thickness sander

    Jaager you have answered my question, the Byrnes it is.
  3. Thickness sander

    Any pros and cons between the Byrnes Thickness Sander and the MicroMark? I am going to get one or the other. The difference I see is the MicroMark does a 5 inch wide board and has 120, 240 and 320 grit sanding sleeves.
  4. From Futtock to Top

    The heck with that. I remember when I was stationed on the USS Piedmont AD-17 and I was conducting a PMS spot check. I reached in the box and pulled out Blinking Light Maintenance. The guy laughs and hands me a safety harness and says let's go. That's when I found out this blinking light was at the end of the yardarm. I got up there wrapped that safety harness line around until it was tight and watched the maintenance. Took about an hour for them to get me down as I have this great fear of heights. You wouldn't believe how much that yard moves.
  5. hello from Reynella south aust

    Welcome Richard. This is a great place to learn. I have been building ships for twenty years and my skills have done nothing but multiply from the skills demonstrated on this site. You will get fabulous advice from some of the best in the world and not a prima donna in the group.
  6. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    We have a similar business here in the PACNORWEST. I use them for woodworking projects. Great products and service. They also have a Rockler Woodworking store. Check out Edensaw Woods @ Edensaw.com.
  7. Syren vs Irma

    Stay safe Harley and God speed.
  8. What have you received today?

    I mounted the blade guard attempted a cut, removed blade guard and circular filed it. Other than that a great little piece of equipment.
  9. I use the Amati Rotating Holder and I love it
  10. Deadeyes and Chainplates

    I tried heat nada, got really frustrated put the deadeye on a board put the chain plate on top and just hit the damn thing with a hammer. Low and behold it went on. Thought it was a fluke so I did it again with the same result. As Torpedoman we where always told to get a bigger hammer and it is still true.
  11. Deadeyes and Chainplates

    That is what I have done in the past but these break. They seem to be soldered in the middle. Beyond Frustrating. So I just rigged them with line and put a loop at the bottom for the link. Can't tell the difference when complete but what a PITA?
  12. Go to Ocooch Hardwoods and order a 4 inch piece of Scrool Saw ready Walnut and cut it to size. Cost about five bucks plus shipping.
  13. What is the trick for inserting dead eyes into chainplates? I've got two done and have broken two deadeyes in half during the process. This is worse than inserting an interior packing into a bearing seat.
  14. Mamoli 1/53 Golden Hind Plans

    Tim, I started this build about 6 years ago, and I am in hot standby waiting for my sails for my Rattlesnake build so I am finishing the Hind. It will probably be at least 6 to 8 weeks before I am complete. If you get no joy from Dusek drop me a PMand I'll send you the plans when I am done. Jim