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  1. I have that same set of brushes. They are cheaply made and theirin lies the issue.
  2. Jim Rogers

    Spyglasses in the early 18th century

  3. Jim Rogers

    Pirated CAF LeRenommee to Be Available

    The major thing that keeps Pirates going is lack of knowledge by the public. People just starting this hobby or say someone buying a gift for a modeler just go on EBay and buy the cheapest model they can get, especially if they think it is s deal. A kit for the same ship listed $200 cheaper than another really is attractive as a deal. For this very reason I told my wife to never buy me a kit, I’ll buy it in her name. They have no idea that it was stolen from someone who spent years developing a kit. They have no idea they are taking away a mans living and harming his family. Ebay and sites like it know they just don’t care. I am hoping any new trade deals with the thieves in China look into and solve this problem. Any company that deals in pirated goods should be severely fined and put out of business. Piracy is a direct attack on good commerce.
  4. I think they meant the dive site was visible from a cliff. They were indicating how close to shore it was.
  5. What happened? Did you water your deck..... lots of work and your deck looks brilliant!
  6. Jim Rogers

    Need help with saw blade output

    I’m thinking dull blade.
  7. Jim Rogers

    CA adhesive, which one do you use?

    I use Zap a Gap Medium and Gorilla (Yellow Bottle Top ) with brush applicator.
  8. Could I buy 10 ft of 10lb mono and have you throw it in the box.🙏
  9. Chuck what brand 10lb monofilament do you use.
  10. I throw my solvent soaked rags in a bucket of water.
  11. Sounds like a great idea. I personally think the stand looks original in concept and I know I would purchase one.
  12. This was a fun kit to build and quite handsome when completed.
  13. Are you going to be including the stand in the rigging add on kit?

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