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  1. Your favorite saying

    2 winners I've heard in the medical industry....... "He's as nutty as squirrel turd" and "You can wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which one gets filled first" Tom E
  2. All I see are the toothbrush pics, and boxes that show where a pic/jpg should be but no pic.
  3. Absolutely bloody brilliant! Does the neck of it stand up to the downward pressure applied while sanding? Tom E
  4. I am what's called a COA, that is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant. Been doing it for 15+ years now. Prior to this, my job was drinking beer. I did it very well but have since moved on, life does that. A lot of my fellow modelers may have met someone like me if you've ever needed cataract, retina or glaucoma surgery. I even do regular eye exams with the Optometrists when needed, glass prescriptions and the like. But I mostly work with the surgeons. I'm the guy that gets you ready prior to meeting the surgeon. We do a pretty thorough exam, especially if its cataract surgery, as a lot of what is done to correct the eyes is based off that exam. So be good to the assistants in ANY doctors office! We earn our supper everyday! Tom E
  5. 18th Century Longboat

    Great looking ship!
  6. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    John, Sorry to hear about your Dad. Your entire family has all our prayers. You can just tell from the smile of your Dad in the picture that he was one of those guys that everyone gravitates towards. You said it perfectly....."A good guy". Loving the build! But take your time. Family always come first. Tom E
  7. well, not much of a stash,,,,but i'm game! I seem to have a slight bias towards Model Shipways products. The Long Boat is done and the Niagara is taking shape. But, I'll be receiving the Bluejacket model of the Bowdoin soon. Tom E
  8. What have you received today?

    Bob, I agree, shes a fine looking ship. Hopefully, one day, I can build the Charles Morgan as well. Im almost tempted to start her right away and mothball my current build the Niagara. But as always, the Admiral keeps me focused. Tom
  9. My humble shipyard. Its warm in the winter and the AC slides in easily for the summer. No room for anything larger than a Dremel.
  10. What have you received today?

    Well, there was a sale at Model Expo, so......... I bought the Kate Cory! Just came in the mail today. Lord knows when I'll get too her. The Longboat is done, the Niagara is taking shape and the MS Constitution is in line as well. Its a good problem!
  11. Hello from Reno

    Hi Shawn. Welcome aboard. I just finished the same model no less than a week ago. I documented the process with pics. If you hit a tough patch, let me know. I hopefully have a pic. The only thing, my pics start right as I finished the planking....I was changing my phone at the time. This was my first wooden ship as well. Took me a few months, but so worth it! Yo will learn so much. Happy building, Tom
  12. Where do you come from

    From what I know and what I've been told. I'm a bit French, Irish and Lithuanian.......So I know how to cook and eat well! Anywho... The Irish and Lithuanian side were immigrants, Ellis Island, and the like. But, from family stories the French side has roots to Marie Antoinette's court in pre revolution France. They realized what was happening and emigrated to Canada before people started losing their heads. The family slowly moved there way south from Montreal to Warwick Rhode Island, then Worcester Massachusetts where I was born. I now live in Lebanon New Hampshire. I have absolutely no proof of these stories, but they sound good! Tom
  13. Ron, I live in Lebanon, NH. Mosquitoes are now the official state bird of New Hampshire.