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  1. Evening, Well, I started today about 4am, just to get the chores done and get back to the shipyard. First quiet weekend in a while. Looking to take full advantage! I started cutting the Main Mast From what I can tell. The Mast has an angle roughly 11 degrees. Am I reading this right? Is the angle measured on the protractor from the center line of the dowel? Not the fore or aft edge of the dowel? I've also been keeping in mind where the Shrouds are located, and 11 degrees looks good. I made my Galley grating! It was kinda fun. The eggcrate method with the grating supplied is unique. Odd looking stuff. Maybe not for this build, but, I see an upgrade to Syren gratings in the future. Primed, then a few coats of red. I just had to throw in the below pics. Its been a beautiful fall in New England. Winter is next! I'm ready! Tom E
  2. Andrew, The Bowdoin is my next project. I just love the look of this ship. I'll be following with great interest! Tom E
  3. Evening, Been a while, time for an update. Admittedly, haven't been working on Niagara as much as I want to. During the Fall, a lot of family and friends visit for the foliage. Good food, family and friends...…...good times, good times! I drilled out the hole for the rudder. That was nerve wracking! I was going to drill it out with my Dremel......was. I was looking thru other ship builds and I saw where it was drilled out and the planking around it exploded. Did not want that! I wrapped some tape around a 1/8th drill bit for finger traction and did it by hand. I'll clean it up with some sand paper. The Hawse holes will be done the same way. No power tools here!!! I built the Forecastle Hatch. Seemed easy enough. It was the paint that would prove difficult. I used a Golden Oak paint I had left over from another build. Yes, Its as orange in person as it is in the pics! The paint has been stripped off. I've been thinking of staining it a dark stain to contrast the some what light deck stain. I'm still chewing on that one. I started building the Galley Hatch over the weekend. Should have pics soon. Most building of late has been Carronade. I only do 4 at a time. Feels rushed If I do all at once. Just feels like more of a controlled process. I'd feel overwhelmed with all 20 guns at once. Below are primed and ready for the first coat of red. As with any Cannon being built, eyebolts are always in the picture. We all have our own methods. Here how I do it. I use a pick like tool Model Expo sells as a "Rigging Tool". I use 28g wire and wrap around the tool head. While holding the wire with the left hand and the pick in the right. Twist about 2 times, then gently force down the neck of the pick to form a loop. Need a bigger diameter eyebolt, force it further down the neck of the pic. I would go about 1/3 of the way down the neck. That seemed like an appropriate size. I remove it from the pick to fix it up a bit before clipping of the tail of the wire. 1 eyebolt. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! It works for me! Tom E
  4. Evening, Time for an update. Spurred on by a stained deck, I have been somewhat busy. The work week does get in the way of my ship building tho! For several weeks now, more than I like to admit, I have been wondering how many blocks are under the uppermost Crosstrees. Looking thru numerous builds, looking at the plans...….frustrated. Then I found the below on one of the plans. I had just never seen this before, believe me, I looked! Its the second paragraph that grabbed my attention. Sooooooo, I did that Started stropping 1/8 Syren blocks. I used a simple seize to tighten things off. Then I'll hang from the straight part. Only needed 4. If it's wrong, It's easily re-done. I also started on some deck furniture. I'll start with the Forecastle hatch. Work my way aft. It starts with a box. With a small square strip around the top. This will be covered with planks. I'll start with planks, then I'll start using the grating on the other pieces. I wanna get a feel for building furniture. I'm still learning! Tom E
  5. Congratulations on a wonderful ship and build! Both truly inspire this ship builder! Hermione is beautiful! Tom E
  6. Evening, There's a nip in the air, the trees are changing color. There's a boiled dinner in the slow cooker. It must be Fall!!!!!! My favorite time of year. In my humble opinion, probably the best time of year to build. Any who..... I stained my deck!!!!! This is a milestone for me on Niagara. Never did I ever think I would get this far on this build. Started with a pre-stain wood conditioner and a sanding. Below is Golden Oak. It looks better in person. Pics do it no justice. There's some splash over of stain onto the paint. I can easily clean that up. There's no dip in my deck on the Port side. That's my shop lighting. Pics do it no justice. I'm reluctant to stain again. I don't think I want it any darker. Just realized that I started this build a year ago, September 2017. I cant believe It's been a year! I wont say I can see the end in sight, that would be simply foolish! Thanks for watching! Tom E
  7. Gary, Really nice Niagara, enjoying your build! I have to comment on that deck configuration, It really looks like it opens up that deck. Just looks more logical. It just looks so crowded on the plans. Tom E
  8. Thanks Jim, I want to rig as much as possible off ship. Biggest fear I have, Is I forget to install a block or thimble some where impossible to reach. And being impossible to reach, the final outcome wont look good. I know I'll have some learning moments, hopefully most off ship! Mike, below was your idea a few posts ago. Still in use to this day. Probably for all my future builds as well. The below pic is old. That Fore mast is a lot further along! As the Fore, Top, and Topgallant are built, supports are added to the board. I want to do all, or as close to as possible, rigging on it. Tom E
  9. Thanks Mike, I agree, I like the planked look as well. I used the wood filler very sparingly. It looks rough, with some gaps, but I can live with it. The paint does a lot to hide it. The rough side will be the "no show" side of the ship! Definitely not installing anything yet. I would snap those Bowspars off so quickly!!!!! In my head, my order of build right now is.... Continue with the cannon, masts, and deck- which I may stain this weekend. After I'm happy with those 3 bits, It'll be the deck furniture. Its somewhere way after all these bits where I'll actually "attach" anything. Tom E
  10. Tom E

    Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    That's great news Phil! Its quite the difference, isn't it! I hear....."Wow! The colors!" so often at work! Think of it this way..... It takes a while for a Cataract to form, it can dull your vision so slowly over a long period of time, the brain doesn't "see/recognize" the change. I had a surgeon say, "The brain thinks it so smart, but the eyes easily trick it". Its amazing, but with most folks whom only get 1 eye done, your surgeon most likely prepared for you wanting to get the other eye done. Pre-op measurements where probably done for both eyes, ready for your next surgery. The day of surgery is quite the process. Probably took longer to get prepped than the actual surgery. Don, Hope your surgery went well. The one piece of advice that I tell all our patients is...… If your surgeon has you start eyedrops after surgery, follow it to the letter! It may sting for a second, but that means its working. Tom E
  11. Evening, Hope everyone is having a quiet Labor Day. Did the cookout/party Saturday. That left Sunday and Monday to the Shipyard! I took full advantage! Still painting..... Although, somewhat of a milestone in my book. The hull now has it's first few layers of Black. Couldn't find any quality rattle cans, so I stuck with hand paining it. I can control my paint better by hand. It will be thin layers. Should fill in nicely! She's a bit snaggle toothed at the bow, but....I can live with it. It's my first of, I hope, many ships! I placed a piece of 1/32x3/32 at the junction of the Waterways and deck. My version of a "simplified" Nibbing Strake. The height will come down as I finish sanding the deck. The deck had a good rub with several grits, then I placed the nibbing strake. Once dried in place, I'll finish the deck with one more good sanding. Then ready for staining. I also finished the Fore Topgallant/Royal Mast. Its in the paint shop as of tonight. More Carronade should be ready soon. I hope to have them all done by the time I'm done staining the deck. I also finished the Flying Jib Boom for the Bowsprit. I don't wanna do a basic white on the Jib and Flying Jib Boom. I may stain these a dark tone. We'll see. Tom E
  12. Evening, Not much of an update, but I suppose anything is something. Every little bit is a step forward! Seems all I do is paint..... Paint..... Paint..... Paint...…. Then paint some more!!!!! It does end...….right?! On a side note, Just happen to snap this late summer sunset last Friday driving home from dinner. It was cool, and could just start to feel a bit of fall. Tom E
  13. Evening, Hope everybody's Shipyards have been busy. I have been busy, but only results in a short update. I've been painting! Since it's by hand, it's slow going. Have to do layers, then more layers. Constant "dot patrol"! I'm purposely applying thin layers of paint, it means more painting, but hopefully it means it wont have a thick look. I'm going to get the Gunport area done by hand. Then I'll mask off that area and use a rattle can for the bottom of the hull. This Emperor is starting to get it's new clothes! It really jazzes up with some paint! Started carving out a Foremast Topgallant/Royal Mast. As of this evening, the Carronade Factory has re-opened. Four at a time, no rush to get them done...….yet! Tom E
  14. I agree, there is an unusual amount. With the deck furniture left to build, there does seem to be quite a bit left. More than enough for what I need. My waste hasn't been too bad, I re-did a few deck planks but not too many. Model Shipways really means it when they say they give you extra!
  15. Thanks Jim! Looking back thru my build, I see I'm coming up on a year into Niagara. Never did I think I would get this far! Wonder If it will take another year to finish🤨?!

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