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  1. Evening, Took a few days off from work. Been enjoying a lot of time building. As long as the coffee holds out, I'm a happy man! All the chores are done, and to the Shipyard I went! I'm only going to show 1 pic of the Bilge pump. It's pretty sad. I'm tempted to re-build it. I can live with it.....for now. It should get "lost" in the busy Main deck. I think it's the Buff color that gets me the most, I may change that. Bulwark green maybe? Hmmmmmm….. I started to bring together the parts for the Capstan. A little sanding and all fits well. That was pretty easy. I figure painting this little thing will be harder than building it. The Capstan, as well as the Saloon Skylight, went to paint. Trying to shy away from the Buff paint. The Saloon Skylight will have a stained roof, Bulwark green sides, and red Coaming. The Capstan will be Black, Green, Red, with some Brass. The roof will be stained the same color as the Forecastle Hatch roof for continuity. Below is only after 1 coat of Green, I usually do at least 3, or more, coats. Tom E
  2. Evening, There's a reason why locals cheer the day when a truck leaves from Fenway Park and heads to Florida. The below pics are the reason why! Calling for 6-12" of snow, with a possibility of sleet and freezing rain. Should be a heck of a ride into work in the morning. I work in health care...….we will be open. Its been a VERY snowy winter this year, even for New Hampshire! Probably some of the best skiing in decades. The snow on the trucks is only after 2 hours. I had dinner first when I got home from work, then did a light cleaning. I think were hovering around an inch per hour, or just under that. Stay warm! Tom E
  3. That deck really is nice! I'm always impressed with Bluejacket kits. What color stain might you use? Making great progress! Tom E
  4. Evening, Hope everyone is well. Very limited time in the Shipyard lately. But, some small items were done. I've really been making a push to finish the Bowsprit. I noticed I missed installing a few chocks on the Dolphin Striker. While the chocks were drying, I played with idea of tan rope for the lashings on the Bowsprit. Went against the tan rope. The below pic is a test wrap. I did the same with the tan, but for some reason never took a pic!🤨 It didn't work with the stain of the Jib boom and the black of the Bowsprit. The below 2pics are the finished product. I'm happy with it. According to the plans, the back lashings are wider then the front. The rope is glued underneath where no one should see it. Then wrapped like a fishing rod guide. I'm hoping to get the hearts for the Fore and Preventer Stays started this weekend. It dawned on me..... Besides stropping blocks, this is the first use of rope/rigging on my ship! It looks so cool!! Little milestone in this builders head. There's a few miles more of rope to be strung! Thanks for watching! Tom E
  5. Gary, Hope everything has resolved. But, In the section "the Captains Quarter", Its the section right above the kit and scratch member build log sections. There's a section about how to use the site. There are some folks over there having the same issue. The Admin's have been looking into it. Tom E
  6. I saw how you did that to the furniture, I really liked it. Seriously thought about changing the furniture to reflect that. It made sense. But, In the end, given my limited experience, I decided to just follow the plans I have in front of me. I may adjust the overall sizes of things in that area, but nothing severe. Tom E
  7. Evening, Hope everyone is having a great night in the Shipyard. Chores were done early, everybody fed and watered, Celtics on the TV. Niagara continues. Mike, Appreciate the kind words on the deck. Only one coat of pre-stain and Golden Oak needed. I deliberately left it bright. Some of the deck Furniture has a darker stain to them which off sets it nicely, I think. I'm trying to keep the deck furniture a bit darker, down playing the Buff paint when possible. Below I started building the Saloon Skylight. Coamings are getting easier to make. I placed these "frames" strategically. The windows correspond to the gaps in between the "frames". Worked pretty well. I need to work on my window carving ability! I sanded a gradual curve to the roof. Came out pretty good. Sanded up well. Once this is painted I'll add the metal bars to the windows. I was thinking of painting the Coaming Red, the body Buff, but the roof I may use my dark stain. The same as my Fore hatch. Again, trying to minimize the Buff paint. Stay warm, Tom E
  8. Wow! She's beautiful Jim. Well done, Tom E
  9. In the end it wasn't as bad as they said it would be. Saturday night they were calling for 18-24" with a swath of 30" thru central VT and NH. I'd say we received about 12-14". That's nothing for this vicinity. Tom E
  10. Gary, The pin for the course yard is a great idea. I haven't given the yards much thought so far, but that seems logical. I may steal that one! Tom E
  11. Mike, I really like that idea. It makes sense and in my head looks good. What I may do is drill some holes in the deck right below where they would be on the hatch. The below pic is a good example of that area. I'm not in front of the plans right now for a better look, but should work. Just have to make sure I don't foul up the Bowsprit area and it's needs. Would it be wise to wait until the Bowsprit is fully installed before drilling? Thanks, Tom E
  12. Evening, Since there's a snowstorm outside, its all inside sports this weekend! Sure enough, that means the Shipyard for this guy! There forecasting 18-24 inches of snow with a swath of 30 inches right thru my area. I love a good snowstorm.....as long as the power stays on for the Patriots game! Go Pats! The drinks are cold and the Shipyard is toasty. I have got some things done. The Mooring chocks are in. Longer process to paint them than install. They will get some touch up paint before I call them done. The mast board is getting filled. I take no credit for this thing, I've seen others use it and its awesome. Should help with the rigging things off ship. Helps with shaping the Spanker mast. I included the below pic to show Hawse pipes that were drilled out. Like the hole for the Tiller, no power tools. I used a 1/8 drill bit with my fingers. Slowly and deliberately. I had some wood breakage, but nothing some sanding and paint wont hide. Drilling these things was like drilling into my own arm. Intentionally drilling into something that took hours to make! With every crack of the wood....ouch! Had to include the below pic. The snow is like a thousand diamonds in the light. Its better in person! Tom E
  13. Hi Phil, I had the same splintered wood on my hull. Especially when it started to bend towards the bow of the ship. With some sanding and wood filler later on, it should smooth out. Just be careful not to sand the wood too thin. I didn't fair my bulkheads enough. It was a learning moment. The below pic shows after a good sanding. A coat of primer showed where I needed wood filler. I also do the same with my planks. I soak them in hot water for about 15-30 minutes. It may be overkill, but It works for me. Tom E
  14. Gary, When I made my Forecastle hatch, I chose the alternative version with a solid roof, no grating. Being my first ever try at a piece of ships furniture, guess I bailed out and went with the easy version! Is it acceptable to place the same kind of corner cut outs in the solid covering? Seems like an easy fix in my mind. Simple round cuts with some blackened brass tube inside. Roll a lip on the top side of the brass tube. Tom E
  15. Gary, I agree with you about the Burton pendants. I probably leave them out as well. This is my first wooden build, the rigging is confusing enough. That's one less thing to worry about. Mike, Long time no see, glad to have you back! Gary is right, of the 2 ways to lay the grating, I went with that one. I tried both. Felt more confident with that method. I haven't upgraded to Syren grating on this build, but definitely my next. Haven't even bought them yet. I like that idea about the holes in the grating....that I will do. Is it the Main hatch that has the cut outs? Thanks, Tom E

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