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  1. WOW ... what a perfect rendition of a war-weary ship!! Well done. Permit me an observation (not a criticism) maybe it's just the camera ... but the lines around the ship's boats are so brilliantly white! They look out of place on such a weathered vessel. Maybe they just got a new shipment of lines?? Frank
  2. Lovely subject!! Wonderful scratch building.
  3. WOW, one of the most tasteful displays ... NO ... THE most tasteful I've ever seen. Any model would just shine in such an environment. Very cleverly designed and executed and I'm sure many are rushing off to try and emulate it. Frank
  4. Nice work there Jimmy. Bet it was a lot of fun to assemble. My brother-in-law has been struggling for several years on (I think) this same kit. I'll have to send this to him for inspiration. Frank
  5. Thanks for the kind words gents ... and all others who have clicked the "Like" button. I have to say I've looked at so many amazing builds on this site and believe me there are scratch builders here who are far more talented and that's not false modesty. Anyway, I just build for myself and usually give everything away ... I presently have 5 models out of 25 I've made. If you're interested you can see a couple of different things here and here. Cheers Frank
  6. Wonderfully realistic. Lovely detailing. Congratulations!
  7. Thanks Julie. That's the ultimate complement a modeller can receive! You actually made me double check to make sure I hadn't posted the wrong picture. Don't know how the labelling got mixed between the foredeck and aft deck shots ... I do know the difference!! (Fixed now). May I congratulate you on your Endeavour which I've been watching silently from a distance. Between yours and Keith's Altair I'd love to have a go at one. Sure hope you finish yours with a natural finish. Frank
  8. Hi Stan Wow, another fan!! I did put a short build up in the "build log" area. HERE I thought if anyone was interested enough I could tell more of the story. Building something like this (well, the way I do it ) things are pretty crude under the skin if you know what I mean. Some may find that off putting. I tend to use whatever does the job. As for drawings ... there were NONE available. I scoured the inter-web and found enough images and a video that gave me views at a long enough distance for reasonably accurate dimensions. Captured selected images, enlarged to the size I wanted, converted the images to "line drawings" and printed them. Below is what I made up from images. I had access to the real boat of course (belongs to my best friend) and I took maybe 1,000 images and videos!! If you want to explore this further maybe we could start expanding that build log. Thanks for your interest. I appreciate it. Frank
  9. Hello Nils Thanks for the welcome. Yes, the boat belongs to my dearest friend (for 65 years now) who just loves and cares for this boat. He's always had fast power boats and I've always sailed. Frank
  10. From the album Trojan Sport Fisherman

    Used a Photoshop plugin to simulate being in water.