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  1. Stbd Qtr.jpg

    Beautiful subject perfectly executed. Well done. Frank
  2. Culé and Chata

    Lovely work!! Beautiful lines and, no doubt, a realistic colour scheme. Great attention to detail too. Frank
  3. DSCI5471.JPG

    Hello Nils I came late to this forum and missed the build of your magnificent model. This is a truly wonderful example of craftsmanship! I can't imagine having the determination and imagination to make so many many items required for such a build. Very impressed Nils ... congratulations. Frank
  4. IMG_4775.JPG

    WOW ... what a perfect rendition of a war-weary ship!! Well done. Permit me an observation (not a criticism) maybe it's just the camera ... but the lines around the ship's boats are so brilliantly white! They look out of place on such a weathered vessel. Maybe they just got a new shipment of lines?? Frank
  5. a1.jpg

    Lovely subject!! Wonderful scratch building.
  6. P1010870.JPG

    WOW, one of the most tasteful displays ... NO ... THE most tasteful I've ever seen. Any model would just shine in such an environment. Very cleverly designed and executed and I'm sure many are rushing off to try and emulate it. Frank
  7. King Of The Mississippi

    Nice work there Jimmy. Bet it was a lot of fun to assemble. My brother-in-law has been struggling for several years on (I think) this same kit. I'll have to send this to him for inspiration. Frank
  8. Starboard aft quarter view

    Wonderfully realistic. Lovely detailing. Congratulations!
  9. Fore Deck

    Thanks Julie. That's the ultimate complement a modeller can receive! You actually made me double check to make sure I hadn't posted the wrong picture. Don't know how the labelling got mixed between the foredeck and aft deck shots ... I do know the difference!! (Fixed now). May I congratulate you on your Endeavour which I've been watching silently from a distance. Between yours and Keith's Altair I'd love to have a go at one. Sure hope you finish yours with a natural finish. Frank
  10. Trojan Sport Fisherman

    Totally scratch built model. Hull is shaped from glued/screwed together planks of synthetic wood aka composite decking. Metal handrails all shaped from stainless steel welding rods and threaded through handmade aluminum fittings shaped for 120 or 90 degrees. Smoked glass windows made from 1/8" welders mask material.
  11. C&C 30 32 025.JPG

    Lovely work!! Can I ask whether the hull is hewn from solid material and what you use? She'd be wet to sail!! Frank
  12. Model 001

    Lovely scratch building here. well done. Pity she didn't float well but nice static model.. Frank