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  1. On payday I will get a closet dowel Thanks
  2. To all Thanks for the info. I absolutely have the wrong chisels, payday is next week. I will get what is required to keep the tools sharp. I will book mark this section and use the photos to help with rigging. As far as securing goes, I spent a large part of the day trying to find anything to attach to the bottom of the hull so that I could use a vise. We are moving to Oklahoma City which means that stuff is getting packed or my Commander in Chief tossed stuff out. I did consider sawing a small piece broom handle, but feared that if caught the boss would make me use it. Thanks the advice will be used. ChuckA
  3. I hope you can see from the photos there are areas that a Dremel cannot handle. The bow needs to be thined, how? This is between decks. I believe the distance between decks is 2mm. There is an area at the end of hull that requires the same type of work. (Photo will not upload) I hope that I am clear inow my request for knowledge. Chuck A
  4. Will do, should have thought of that earlier.
  5. Will do, should have thought of that earlier.
  6. Ahoy! When working on solid hull boats such as the MS Phantom or Sultana not all areas can be shaped with a dremil or sandpaper. So how does one use a chisel to trim that area between fore and aft decks or thin the thick bow portion. The aft part of the deck should be flat but it slopes upward and that portion of the bullwork needs to be cleaner. How to position the hull for chiseling, how does one do this type of work. Chuck A
  7. I know know a great deal concerning artillery. Not a boast, but I have about 50 years worth of expertise in this specialty. Loud noise can cause hearing loss over time. You can, for example, go to a lother of rock concert's and over time suffer a loss at certain frequencies, but carry-on just fine. With artillery, the issue is blast over pressure. If the over pressure is outside the hull, then you have a loud rock concert in the 10th of a second or less of the actual blast. If the firing took place inside the hull, the over pressure could perforate ears and and cause brain concussions. With modern artillery has muzzle brakes that direct the pressure to the side of the tube. At maximum charges not many persons are required to have hearing protection in the battery area.
  8. What does 'razor' cut mean? Another word for laser?
  9. I will give it a try. How did you cut the groove? What are the dimensions of the wood?
  10. I purchased a cheap ShopVac for this very reason. With a clean white filter, I routinely vacuum the area around the work area and then play forensics files and dig through the collected debris. Wifey thinks I and keeping my area clean, that is worth extra points. Chuck A
  11. How do I stain or dye super white plastic sails to look more realistic? Chuck A
  12. Your work is incredible
  13. No instructions, purchased from a friend.
  14. good Saturday morning, I recently purchased a combined 2" belt sander / circular sander combination. There are no dust bags included. Is there something around the home that would do the trick??? Cotton socks are too porous, I ripped up some old tee shirts and while they were better than nothing, they did not seem as efficient as the commercially made dust bags. Any suggestions??? Chuck Aldrich (feeling great on this fine Saturday morning)