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  1. Thanks for the information. It is incredible that they could do this without a chain saw. Chuck A
  2. According to a Wikipedia article... Niagara was constructed from 1812 to 1813 to protect the vulnerable American coastline on Lake Erie from the British and played a pivotal role in the battle for the lake. Along with most warships that served in the war, Niagara was sunk for preservation on Presque Isle in 1820. Raised in 1913, it was rebuilt for the centennial of the Battle of Lake Erie. I would never have thought that a ship this size could have been built in one year given the conditions of the time. Chuck A
  3. How long would it take to build this type of ship given the conditions? Chuck A
  4. Thanks for the information. I will abandon latex...except for those special evenings. Chuck A
  5. Confusion continues for this novice. In another section in this category, I asked about using paint samples from Lowes or Home Depot. I received several answers describing that paint pigment's will be to large and cover detail. I specifically mentioned latex, which is also mentioned above. Does thinning reduce pigment size? Chuck A
  6. It is hard enough to assemble the easiest model. I think I will pass on water features. Thanks Chuck A
  7. Off topic but congratulations on hanging in long to retire. Thanks for your service.
  8. I've posted odd questions before, so I feel comfortable posting another one. Hardware stores can replicate nearly any color paint and sell small sample containers. So why not use latex paint? Maybe everyone is and I am the last to figure it out.
  9. firsttimer

    As stated earlier, start a build log. I would like to follow along.
  10. On payday I will get a closet dowel Thanks
  11. To all Thanks for the info. I absolutely have the wrong chisels, payday is next week. I will get what is required to keep the tools sharp. I will book mark this section and use the photos to help with rigging. As far as securing goes, I spent a large part of the day trying to find anything to attach to the bottom of the hull so that I could use a vise. We are moving to Oklahoma City which means that stuff is getting packed or my Commander in Chief tossed stuff out. I did consider sawing a small piece broom handle, but feared that if caught the boss would make me use it. Thanks the advice will be used. ChuckA
  12. I hope you can see from the photos there are areas that a Dremel cannot handle. The bow needs to be thined, how? This is between decks. I believe the distance between decks is 2mm. There is an area at the end of hull that requires the same type of work. (Photo will not upload) I hope that I am clear inow my request for knowledge. Chuck A
  13. Will do, should have thought of that earlier.