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  1. I should add to my former post that I do use partial length planks... to save on wood strips. This has had the advantage that I have never run out of hull planking wood so far. But I have taken care to have the butt joints only where the planks are full width.
  2. Is there a true POF kit in the market?

    Why not upgrading an existing model: I mean the model Shipways Flying Fish, a beautiful ship, and a potentially beautiful model, but rarely finished! (Probably because the kit is not quite up to modern standards)
  3. I agree with this, of course, but why making it extra difficult by cutting the planks, while scoring them would give a safer butt joint and will look exactly the same?
  4. P1010870.JPG

    So far I had NEVER seen a sea scenery so well executed (and I've seen a lot of them. And the model, and the case, and... and... That's what I call museum quality! What's the next build? JP
  5. PenDuick11sized

    Thank you Dave
  6. PenDuick09sized

    From a film I just saw on youtube, it seems that Pen Duick had 2 different topsails: the one that is featured which definitely looks best,but obviously could only be used with very light breezes and was certainly a pain to hoist, the other one has a much moe classic look, but would also be too much from wind force 3-4.
  7. PenDuick02sized

    Thanks for your kind comments. The model is now owned by my son who lives in Switzerland. So I cant measure it right now Im in Belgium). But the model is of a fairly manageable size of, I guess some 60cm length and 80cm height.
  8. I built this on in the late nineties. This very basic kit was almost completely modified. As documentation, I had quite a few pictures of the original ship, including calender posters, and also a precious book written by the former owner Eric Tabarly. I don't remember the scale, but I remember the Artesania Latina kit is fairly larger. Length of model is, I think some 60cm.
  9. 20161001 191550[1]

    Excellent, apparently. Would like some more details! Is there a build log?
  10. Sea Witch 3

    Very well done, a huge improvement on this old kit. Congratulations for the rigging too. Would have liked some more detail pictures.
  11. 007 Cutty Sark

    Superb again. The Revell kit, I suppose?
  12. 054 Napoleon

    Excellent rendition of a superb kit. Thanks for sharing, but I wished there would have been more (detail) pics. This is one of the few plastic kits I still have to build. I wonder if this Imai kit was reissued under another label. Keep on the good job! JP
  13. mare01

    Excellent model. I'm now in Spain and in the fishing harbour of this village, there is a similar wooden trawler in dry dock!
  14. Finished model port

    What a great model, soooo much better than the Euromodel kit! Congratulations
  15. Flying_Fish_3.jpg

    Absolutely wonderful, James, and great painting finish. Still working on her, I hope. I would so much like to see - at last - one finished example of this wonderful ship: hope it will be yours! (Or could it be mine?)