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San Bartolome galleon

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I found this kit on You Tube.  The box presentation is one of the best I've seen, with all parts laser cut (even the scrollings, beautiful blocks, a separate kit to build the ship's boat, with wooden (reusable trays for all the smart parts.  All building steps are detailed drawings, so that the original language should not be a problem.  Really worth having a look!


The only problem is that this masterpiece kit apparently comes from... Ukraine, and I suppose the people there have more crucial problems on their hands than model building.


Has anyone heard of this kit, and knows about its availability,  ...or has news of the author?

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Wow that looks very promising. I think I’ve seen this before somewhere. May have to take a crack at it.

Current Builds: HMS Winchelsea 1764 1:48 - 5th rate 32 gun frigate (on hold for now)


                         HMS Portland 1770 Prototype 1:48 - 4th rate 50 gun ship


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I can tell you this kit will be with me in the next day or two, so I'll be able to give you an in-box appraisal of her.


There will also be the Captain John Smith's Shallop too, plus in the near future, a reworked and new Viking Drakkar release.


Pavel is managing to get his products out of Ukraine. It just takes a little extra time. The packages were sent on 13th Oct, and had a mismatch while at Kiev which delayed a few days. Still not too bad though. 

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My San Bartolome with the optional cradle, building slip, paint kit walnut wood  and sails was shipped on October 9th and just cleared customs at JFK on Saturday. Pavel and Denis have been a joy to work with. I hold them in the highest regard .  .  ;.



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On December 5th my San Bartolome was shipped with the optional stand for ship model, slipway fior building a model ship and walnut paint kit. Ordered on the site http://shipsofpavelnikitin.com/shop and paid by bank transfer, no problem despite the many problems they have right now. With Denis I have always texted, he is a very kind and helpful person

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