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  1. Dear colleagues, enough time has already passed and things must continue here. Well, the mizzen sail is on today. First I had to make the tree and the gaff. And that's how they look in the group picture: The outermost end of the gaff is fitted with an attachment with a deflection pulley for a flag. There I tried again my soldering arts, well, at least painted it looks quite bearable. At the gaff there are also some pulleys for Gordings attached and finally the gaff must be able to be fixed behind the snow-mast. O
  2. Thank you very much, Chris, for this fantastic review. I am very happy that the book could be presented in this great forum. The book is available in regular bookstores, but many wholesalers (including Amazon) don't deliver to all countries. For this reason the book can also be ordered directly from me. So, order here: http://www.modellbau-muellerschoen.de/buch-en.htm or send an e-mail directly to my address: info@modellbau-muellerschoen.de Best regards, Joachim
  3. Hello folks, and again a bit further, now the staysails between forestay and main mast are finished and attached. The staysails don't have so many lines, only halyards, downhauls and sheets, but the tethering of the jib riders is quite time-consuming. I had a hard time with the pictures, but I hope it will come over. When an intermediate result is reached again, I will photograph the ship in my wife's photo studio, that will be a bit better. First of all the sails have to be prepared, also more than 50 jib riders are needed.
  4. Hello folks, now the first pictures of the rigged lower sail at the foremast. The jib boom is rotatably mounted and is held by chains on the jib mast. At first I had attached the lift. Two of the Gordings are brought together by one of the double blocks, they are fixed at the bottom of the bitt in front of the mast. The elaborately designed reef troughs are fixed at the betings on starboard and port. The clew-lines again lead directly to the bitt in front of the mast. Before the lines are finally fixed, some of the other sails have to be attached. And now a few pictures.
  5. Now there is also the upper topsail. Everything looks somehow the same, and yet each sail is different, is fastened differently to the respective yards, all have a different line guide. Joachim
  6. The bottom mast sail of the foremast is attached to the yard and I have already attached the most important lines to it, especially the gordings have to be threaded through these tiny thimbles. Joachim
  7. Now it goes on. So here are the staysails at the foredeck with sheets and downhauls. The sheets of each sail have the typical precursors with blocks at the end through which the sheets run. The downhauls are attached to the clew horn, run high over a block attached to the nock horn back down to the neck horn and over a block attached to it to the reference point. The lines are still occupied, the whole line bundles are still missing and then everything has to be finally fixed. Joachim
  8. And now the first yard sail, the foresail, is attached to the yard. In order to have it a little easier later with the lines, I have prepared some, especially clew lines and bunt-lines. By the way, a few of the blocks appear there again. I put here some more pictures, because the general procedure is the same for some more sails. Joachim
  9. Thanks to everybody for the likes! In between a few blocks had to be made, then they can later be attached to the yards with the sails. These are only a few blocks of over 1000 pieces. Joachim
  10. It is the first book and the first set of plans I know that unites these three construction methods. Masterfully researched, compiled and drawn, an absolute must have for every model maker, not only for those, interested in ships of this time or type. This book is highly recommended. Joachim
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