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US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - FINISHED - Model Shipways - 1:64

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Well, here she goes, I'm joining the Syren club with another build log.

I started this weekend and we'll see how far I get. It's my first attempt to build an advanced kit so there will be plenty of questions. Hopefully in time I maybe able to help others as well.

There is not much more to say about this kit so here are the first photo's.



Log Pic 1.jpg

Log Pic 2.jpg

Log Pic 3.jpg

Log Pic 4.jpg

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Thanks Dough & Shawn,


Hi Floyd, not sure about catching up, I still work full time and promised to occasionally sit down with the admiral & not talk about boats so I can only put around 15 hours a week into the build. And I intend to take my time, whenever I get confident and rush things, inevitably breaks happen. So it looks like I'll be lagging behind and initially looking for ideas rather than giving them.

My blocks only looked nice & clean because they just float there, I hadn't glued them in yet...lol


Hi Dutchman,

My wife snapped me up while on holiday in Holland from Perth, Australia in the eighties. I migrated to Perth in '88. I only naturalized to become an Aussie around 8 years ago, so I hung in there as long as I could, but I'm not Dutch anymore.

(Bloemendaal is a town on the dutch coast, you don't happen to live there, do you??)


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Just an update with a few photo's.

I am close to finishing Chapter 2. Still need to varnish the lower deck and some sanding to bevel the bulkheads a bit more.

I got a bit of a scare when one of the back bulkhead extensions broke off when it got caught on my shirt while sanding the blocks down. It's glued back on but without any extra support because all 4 sides need to be accessible for future work. It's going to be fun managing that...

Log Pic 5.jpg

Log Pic 6.jpg

Log Pic 7.jpg

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Even more curious than MD11pilot, I went to check my kit (which a relative brought me last christmas while visiting) and it has the reddish plywood in it. I understand that it is the poor quality kind? Should I ask the company to send me the better kind, like Peter's? Advise anyone?

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My original material from ME was good quality, but badly warped so it wasn't useful.

Then I got a two new set from ME, both good but I opted to go with the latter white wood. (See my log)

But I also have the "red plywood" set. 

Contemplating of putting the other set together just for the heck of it...... could be fun doing another "Syren"......

In my case I provided pictures to Marc at ME, proving my case regarding the warped keel.

You should try to contact ME in this matter.

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Thanks All,

I bought the kit about 2 months ago from an online company in Australia. I'm not sure how long they had it in stock. I had been reading about the "red" plywood, so I was happy when the kit arrived with the proper stuff. From what I have read it's definitely worth replacing.

I had some minor warping but the jig and the blocks took care of that. When I checked the content of the kit, I had a double set of Carronades and the Carronade trucks were missing. Just sent an email to ME and they sent me the missing bits straight away.

So I have had very little to complain about.


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Hi Floyd, I did a quick check on the Carronades and I think I'm OK. I included a photo so if this triggers your mind and I'm wrong, let me know.


When lining up the gun port lintels I realized I must have had a brain faze fitting the gun port sills. 1/4' is a smaller number than 3/16, right...., apparently not, so I glued in both rows orientated vertically instead of horizontally.

After a few choice words and a frantic search further down the manual to see where it could cause me trouble I think I might have gotten away with it.

(In the end I might even feel smart, because I got away with a lot less sanding than what I would otherwise had to do.....lol).

Lesson learned: Concentrate & tripple check those silly imperial numbers when you are used to metric.



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Peter - I did the same thing which led to my removing and replacing. I think the key is did you make this mistake for both the sills & lintels. If so you will have issues with the Lintels. the Bulwarks will be too tall. And possibly you may not have enough material to sand the correct curve at the bow.

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